Merced, CA JUNE 18, 2014; As of March 2014, Centurion Boats posted a 61% increase in sales according to Statistical Surveys Inc., the most reliable source for tracking new boat sales in the United States. In the first quarter, Centurion posted the highest percent increase among all towboat brands and a full 6% ahead of the next closest competitor. 

Bryan Holland, Vice President of Worldwide Sales said, “We are very pleased with our sales team’s efforts but the innovations in the 2014 product have made it easier than ever to get new boats placed. The CATS and RAMFILL systems have consumers and dealers alike clamoring for more information about Centurion. It’s a real testament to the high-quality production and significant innovations Centurion is offering now.”

As the economy recovers and the people everywhere are beginning to see their personal wealth increase, Centurion, traditionally a smaller market-share holder, is poised for big growth. Bryan Holland went on to say, “We have been opening new dealerships everywhere. It seems like high value dealers are starting to figure out that the towboat business is a good business. Also, this model year we were the first to offer a five-year warranty, something that only one other boat builder is currently doing. This has helped us close a lot deals because it shows the customer that Centurion is ready to back the boat 100% allowing the purchaser peace of mind they’ve never had before.”

In the 2014 model year, Centurion reintroduced two impressive innovations. The first was called CATS for Centurion Articulating Tracking System. The CATS system allows the operator to deflect the bow slightly changing the position of the hull for precise displacement providing adjustability and wake shaping. For the first time in wakeboarding towboat history, wakes can be cleaned up instantly without moving people, gear or ballast. For wake surfing, complete control of the face of the wave, direction of power and overall wave shaping is now possible. The second innovation is RAMFILL technology boasting the largest capacity ballast in the industry and the quickest filling system without pumps or sacs. This technology leaves more time for watersports and less time for fidgeting with one’s boat. RAMFILL has been raved about all over the world. Corey Marotta, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Alliance Multimedia said “RAMFILL is the most efficient way to put a massive amount of water in the quickest time frame to date.”

Todd Gaughan, Vice President of Marketing for Centurion said, “Whether you’re a wake surfer, wakeboarder or slalom skier, our R&D team has done an outstanding job producing the best boat in the watersports category. Slalom skiers everywhere regard the Carbon Pro as the very best tournament towboat and now the FX and SV series are getting the same reviews for wake surfing and wakeboarding fans. It’s an exciting time to be with Centurion and the sales report puts an exclamation point on it!”

Statistical Surveys, Inc. was founded in 1958 to produce market share data reports for the marine, manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries. Statistical Surveys specializes in continuously gathering and cleansing new retail registration data and providing clients with up-to-date insights on buyer behavior through a comprehensive suite of market data products and services. Statistical Surveys is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and its mission statement is simple: They are dedicated to compiling the most accurate data for customers in the most efficient and timely manner possible. 

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