After the Chill and Ride 2009, which had at some point actually been on the rocks, it was clear
that over the course of economic recovery the edition of 2010 would evolve into a much bigger
event. Here is the Chill and Ride story by Benjamin Wiedenhofer.

“On Friday over 35 boat crews started the Chill and Ride 2010 off with the qualifications of the
wakesurfing ladies’ and wakesurfing men’s contests. Especially the skim-style wakesurfing viceworld champion Dominic Lagace, who came all the way from Canada only for this event,
impressed the proficient audience. Besides the Canadian the freshly crowned and three times
German champion Tobias Reißmann also came up with an outstanding performance. The ladies’
competition quickly revealed that the defending Chill and Ride champion, Korina Smyrek, was the
woman to beat.

The highlight of the day was surely the men‘s amateur competition. On a warm and sunny day and
in front of a huge crowd the amateurs were competing for three entry spots for the pro contest.
Alex Neuwirth showed massive KGBs and landed in third place. The places one and two went to
the Swiss Andy Meyenberg and Marc Müller. Andy showed a extremely solid run with big spins
and inverts and rightly took first place.

In the evening the first after-show party kicked off and the Chill and Ride DJs Jan and Daniel as
well as SWR DAS DING provided the party-crowd with the right tunes to celebrate late into the
following morning hours.

The wakeboarding team challenge was the big competition on Saturday, while the hosts Harry and
Sandro were entertaining the audience with informative and humorous commentating. Altogether
ten different crews had registered for the team challenge, but it became obvious quiet quickly that
first place would be made out under the two teams of Sebastian Spielmann‘s WATERWORLDLAND.
Some of the big names which rode for the WATERWORLDLAND teams were the new european
champion Dan Nott, the ‘Bavarian Machine‘ Bernhard Hinterberger and former world champion
Robbie Rando from Argentina. In the end it was WATERWORLDLAND 1, consisting of Lucas
Langlois, Dan Nott, Cyril Cornaro and Robbie Rando, that won the team challenge and the L‘TUR
travel vouchers that came with it.

Sunday‘s competition started with the finals of the wakesurfing contests. Here no big surprises
really happened and as supposed Korina Smyrek and Dominic Lagace dominated their
competitors. Korina showed nice cuts and the highest airs and took home the victory in the ladies‘
contest. Dominic impressed with massively grabbed airs, insane spins, such as 1080s, and well
performed skateboard manoeuvres such as Bigspins and Shuve-Its.

Next on the agenda were the qualifications of the men‘s pro contest. The performance-level was
really high during the whole qualifications and many riders could please the numerous spectators.
However, it was Dan Nott from the United Kingdom, who was on top of his game and seemed to
be the crowed‘s favourite. Along with Dan, Yann Calvez, Alex Neuwirth, Bernhard Hinterberger,
Andy Meienberg, Lucas Langlois were the riders that made the cut into the final.

While giving the men some rest, it was time for the ladies‘ final. Here it was a competition of the
big names, which ended for Elke Venken with third place. It were Lauriane Masson and Robbie
Rando who fought a close battle for victory. Both showed perfect rolls, spins and grabs, but in the
end it was Robbie who left the best impression on the judges and claimed first place.

The men‘s final started off with Alex Neuwirth, who unfortunately crashed early on during his run.
Similarly, Lucas Langlois and Yann Calvez both seemed to have gotten on their nerves and could
not fulfil high expectations. Bernhard Hinterberger, whose terrain is actually the cable, seized the
opportunity and finished in third position by demonstrating huge frontflip tailgrabs, Whirlybirds
and several different spins. Andy Meyenberg, who made his way all through the amateur‘s
contest, surprised with a second place. He combined good tricks, including the KGB in a clean run
and was only beaten by the outstanding performance of Dan Nott. Dan backed his excellent
performance throughout the qualifications with Whirlys, KGB and off-axis spins with good style
and became the Chill and Ride champion 2010. The incredible NISSAN Chill & Ride collection war also shown during the event – available now!

All in all the Chill and Ride 2010 came to a happy end for everybody involved. It provided an
eventful weekend and celebrated wakeboarding worthily. Therefore, big thanks go out to the
sponsors NISSAN, WATERWORLDLAND and STAGE CONCEPT, the riders, the boat crews and
everybody who helped to create this wonderful event.”