ORLANDO, FLA (November 10, 2010) — Last night Correct Craft, producer of Nautique boats, was named Manufacturer of the Year by the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida (MACF).

The Manufacturer of the Year award is given to a company that exemplifies excellence and quality in all of its manufacturing operations. It is a prestigious and coveted award and prior winners include Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Northup Grumman and Mitsubishi Power Systems.

Specifically, Correct Craft and its Nautique brand were recognized for its leading edge manufacturing processes, having a “green” focus as it relates to manufacturing process and for having a world class quality system.

“I could not be more proud of our team for what they have done to improve everything we do here at Correct Craft and earn this prestigious award. Correct Craft has always been a quality builder but the new production and quality processes we have implemented over the past few years have given us the opportunity to achieve a new level of excellence.” stated Correct Craft President/CEO, Bill Yeargin. “Even more importantly, while we are happy to receive this award, our real satisfaction comes from being able to build the world’s best boats for our customers and their families.” Yeargin added.

To read Bill Yeargin’s Nautique Insider blog regarding this award please visit http://nautique.com/Blog/index/manufacturer-of-the-year.

Celebrating 86 years of boat building excellence, Correct Craft, Inc. is the producer of the Nautique line of boats. The manufacturer of Nautique is known for delivering superior quality product, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service experiences. To see the complete line of Nautique boats, visit www.nautique.com