CWB Board Co. announces Partnership with Desert Wake Group

Desert Wake is on track to be the first full size cable venue in California.  Under development now with plans to open spring of 2011, this 90 acre recreational water park located at Sunset Ranch in Mecca California features six lakes, golf driving range, skate board park, concession and retail facilities, outdoor event area and a furnished lodge with pool.  Led by Brian Grantham, Desert Wake will offer cable wake boarding, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and beach areas.

Partnering with CWB Board Co. means the park will be stocked with the latest most innovative, quality products and patented technologies.  CWB features a full line of cable products including the massively popular Vibe wakeboard.  Cable parks continue to explode across the country offering family fun at an affordable price.  When this park opens this spring it will be a premier cable park destination.

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