All athletes must check-in for the WWA Worlds at the host hotel the night before you ride.

The time you can check-in at the hotel will be:

Wednesday, August 17th   6-9pm

Thursday, August 18th       6-9pm

Friday, August 19th            6-9pm

If you do NOT check-in with us the night before you ride you MUST be on-site and have your registration paperwork completed the next day at least one hour before your division is scheduled to start.

Host Hotel:

Indianapolis Marriott Hotel North

3645 River Crossing Parkway

Indianapolis, IN 46240

***Regardless if you have already completed a waiver this year. The Linked waiver must be completed for worlds by all competitors.

Anyone who will be under the age of 18 and planning on competing at the WWA Worlds must have THIS form filled out by a parent or guardian along with having it witnessed. If your parents will not be at check-in with you, they must sign the form before hand and witnessed in order for you to compete.

Click Here for PDF format of waiver!

Click Here for Word format of waiver!

Please let Priscilla Scollin at if you have any questions.

2011Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Supra

Daily Schedule of Events

THURSDAY, August 18

8:00 am                       Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals (242)

10:30 am                     Jr. Men Semifinals (242)

11:30 am                     Men II Semifinals (242)

12:30 pm                     Veterans Semifinals (242)

1:00 pm                       Boys Semifinals (242)

2:00 pm                       Boys Beginner Semifinals (22)

2:30 pm                       Junior Boys Beginner Semifinals (22)

2:45 pm                       Junior Boys Semifinals (22)

3:00 pm                       Jr. Women Semifinals (22)

4:00 pm                       Girls Semifinals (22)

4:30 pm                       Amateur Wakeskate Semifinals (22)

5:00 pm                       Masters Women Semifinals (22)

5:30 pm                       Veterans Women Semifinals (22)

5:45 pm- 6:30 pm         Amateur Women Semifinals (22)


FRIDAY, August 19

9:00 am                       Adaptive Standing Semifinals (22)

9:15 am                       Amateur Wakeskate Finals (22)

9:45 am                       Masters Women Finals (22)

10:00 am                     Veterans Women Finals  (22)

10: 30 am                    Amateur Women Finals (22)

10:45 am                     Girls Finals (22)

11.15 am                     Jr. Women Finals (22)

11:30 am                     Junior Boys Beginner Finals (22)

11:45 am                     Junior Boys Finals (22)

12:00 pm                     Boys Beginner Finals (22)

12:30 pm                     Boys Finals (242)

1:30 pm                       Men I Semifinals(242)

2:30 pm                       Pro Wakeskate Quarterfinals (242)

3:00 pm                       Veterans Finals (242)

3:15 pm                       Men II Finals (242)

4:00 pm                       Jr. Men Finals (242)

4:30 pm- 5:30 pm         Jr. Pro Men Semifinals (242)


SATURDAY, August 20

9:30 am                       Adaptive Standing Finals (22)

10:00 am                     Pro Women Wakeskate Semifinals (242)

10:30 am                     Masters Semifinals (242)

11:00 am                     Pro Wakeskate Semifinals (242)

11:30 am                     Pro Women Semifinals (242)

12:30 pm- 4:00pm        Pro Men Quarterfinals (242)

6:30 pm                      Supra WWA Dinner of Champions

Awards Ceremony – Off Site at Dinner of Champions

(for all divisions that have completed finals)


SUNDAY, August 21

9:30 am                       Pro Women Wakeskate Finals (242)

10:00 am                     Masters Finals (242)

10:30 am                     Men I Finals (242)

11:00 am                     Jr. Pro Men Finals (242)

11;30 am                     Pro Men Semifinals (242)

1:00 pm                       Pro Wakeskate Finals (242)

1:30 pm                       Pro Women Finals (242)

2:00 pm                       Pro Men Finals (242)

3:00 pm                       Pro Men Double Up Contest

3:30 pm                       Awards Ceremony