Pro Riders Make Major Waves During Preliminary Rounds

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Sept. 13, 2014) —The Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra Boats closed out day three of the competition at Mills Pond Park with three divisions of finals (Adaptive Sitboarding, Master’s Finals and Men’s I Finals) and four pro divisions (Pro Wakeskate, Jr. Pro Men’s, Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s) battling it out for advancement and a spot on the podium.

Riders threw down remarkable runs on the waters behind the grand wakes of Supra Boats’ SE550, powered by the Indmar ROUSH charged Raptor 575 engine, keeping the judges, fans and media on the brink of their seats.

The morning kicked off with Connor Aguilar-Poggetto taking first place in the Adaptive Sitboarding finals.  Professional WakeSkate semi-finals dominated the waters second with Brian Grubb, James Balzer, Cristobal Mendez, Reed Hansen and Danny Hampson moving onto the final battle.

Master’s crowned Aaron Lecklider as champion, followed by Felipe Miyamoto and Kevco Michael in second and third places respectively.  In the Men’s I division, Robbie Culp took first place with the kgb, backroll to backside 360.  Following in second and third would be Morgan Pederson and Chad Payton.

Jr. Pro Men’s sizzled with Parker Siegele, Supra rider Cory Teunissen and six other riders in the two heats landing tricks like the indy tantrum to blind, toeside 900 and nosegrab crow mobe. Looking to take it all, Siegele, Teunissen, Juan Mendez, Gunner Daft, Robby Holihan and Jason Soven move into the ultimate heat tomorrow.

Women’s Professional riding was taken to another level with perfect temperatures and glass-like water heading into the afternoon.    Three heats of the top riders in the world went head-to-head and rode their hearts out to advance in the finals.  Raimi Merritt, Dallas Friday, Amber Wing, Supra rider Bec Gange, Meagan Ethell and Tarah Mikacich will challenge each other one more time for the top spot in women’s wakeboarding.

Capping off the day was the main event for many as Men’s Professional riders in nine different heats went for broke to advance into the semi-finals.  More than 40 riders competed for a spot tomorrow and the late afternoon ended with Tony Iacconi, Danny Thollander, Noah Flegel, Chad Sharpe, Daniel Powers, Adam Errington, Josh Twelker, Massi Piffaretti, Christian Primrose, J.D. Webb, Steel Lafferty, Shota Tezuka, Jimmy Lariche, Rusty Malinoski, Supra rider Austin Hair, Harley Clifford and Olivier Derome pressing on.

The action continues tomorrow as the best rippers of wakeboarding and wakeskating will be hailed champions. In addition to the big day’s finals, fans can stay for the one-of-a-kind CONTOUR Big Air Contest on Sunday.  An off-site awards ceremony will be hosted tonight at 6:30 p.m., at the Ft. Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa for all divisions that have completed finals thus far.

Gate prices are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

WWA Wakeboard World Championships Day Three Results

Adaptive Sitboarding Finals 

Heat 1
1. Connor Aguilar-Poggetto 90.83

Pro Wakeskate Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)

Heat 1
1. Brian Grubb 76.00
2. James Balzer 67.00
3. Cristobal Mendez 56.67

Heat 2
1. Reed Hansen 78.33
2. Danny Hampson 60.00
3. Brandon Thomas DQ

Master’s Finals
Heat 1
1. Aaron Lecklider 83.33
2. Felipe Miyamoto 70.00
3. Kevco Michael 53.33
4. Francisco Cabezas 43.33

Men’s I Finals

Heat 1
1. Robbie Culp 80.00
2. Morgan Pederson 70.00
3. Chad Payton 60.00

Jr. Pro Men’s Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Parker Siegele 92.25
2. Juan Mendez 90.75
3. Gunner Daft 84.75
4. Bryce Corrand 68.75
5. Jamie McCauley 63.50

Heat 2
1. Cory Teunissen 98.00
2. Robby Holihan 86.00
3. Jason Soven 79.50
4. James Loisel 72.00
5. Jake Pelot 64.50

Pro Women’s Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Raimi Merritt 75.00
2. Dallas Friday 65.00
3. Melissa Marquardt 56.67
4. Corrie Dyer 43.33

Heat 2
1. Amber Wing 83.33
2. Bec Gange 70.00
3. Larisa Morales 58.33
4. Shelby King 40.00

Heat 3
1. Meagan Ethell 86.67
2. Tarah Mikacich 73.33
3. Taylor McCullough 63.33
4. Caroline Djupsjo 41.67

Pro Men’s Quarterfinals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Tony Iacconi 83.33
2. Danny Thollander 73.33
3. Joshua Palma 30.00
4. Damien Adam 21.67

Heat 2
1. Noah Flegel 85.33
2. Chad Sharpe 80.00
3. Dean Smith 74.00
4. Gunnar Shuler 56.67

Heat 3
1. Daniel Powers 86.67
2. Adam Errington 81.67
3. Tony Carroll 79.33
4. Brad Teunissen 76.67

Heat 4
1. Josh Twelker 85.67
2. Massi Piffareti 78.33
3. Pierce Homsey 57.33
4. Ian Cole 54.00
5. Luciano Rondi Neto 48.33

Heat 5
1. Phillip Soven 86.00
2. Christian Primrose 80.00
3. Danny Harf 76.00
4. Jason Bannatyne 68.33
5. Toshiki Yasui 61.67

Heat 6
1. JD Webb 81.67
2. Steel Lafferty 76.67
3. Keenan Allen 70.00
4. Jimmy Trask 59.00
5. Timothy Burnier 51.67

Heat 7
1. Shota Tezuka 86.33
2. Jimmy Lariche 83.33
3. Kyle Rattray 79.33
4. John Zdeblick 61.67
5. Colby Bernier 46.67

Heat 8
1. Rusty Malinoski 85.00
2. Austin Hair 82.67
3. Adam Wensink 80.33
4. Aaron Rathy 75.33
5. Kirby Liesmann 71.33

Heat 9
1. Olivier Derome 93.33
2. Harley Clifford 85.67
3. Andrew Adkison 81.67
4. Stephen Pierce 69.00

5. Marcello Giardi 63.33

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The WWA Worlds also serves as part of the Wakeboard World Series and the King of Wake series.

Sponsors for the 2014 Wakeboard World Championships include: Supra Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, World Wakeboard Association, Billabong, Ronix, CWB, Hyperlite, Byerly, Peavey, Indmar, PTM Edge and YOUR MOM magazine.

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