Orlando, Fla. — The prevailing theme of day two at the Nautique Wake Games presented by Rockstar was wakeboarding spans multiple generations and knows no borders. Athletes as young as nine and older than 40 and coming from as far away as Brazil put in top tier performances at one of the sport’s most prestigious events.

One of the day’s most competitive divisions proved to be the Men’s 2 with athletes between the ages of 25-29 battling it out for a spot in tomorrow’s final round. Separating himself from the talented field of riders was Tim Pitschke, who leveraged a run that included big airs and prime style to win the heat. Pitschke will be joined in the finals by Corbin Blanton, Rob Corum and Dylan Wickersham.

“Today really spoke to how far the sport of wakeboarding has progressed,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “We saw great riding from wakeboarders from all over the world, guys that have been involved with the sport since day one and people that have only discovered the sport in the past year or two. Regardless of age or skill level, everyone was stoked to be part of the Nautique Wake Games today.”

Also registering an impressive display of all-around solid riding at day two was the riders in the Junior Women’s division. The cream of the crop was Larisa Morales who used a strong aerial attack to win her heat. Chloe Mills also put in a formidable performance in the heat to claim a spot in the Junior Women’s finals tomorrow.

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The Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Nautique Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Polaroid Action, Fox, ZEAL Optics Ronix, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Byerly, Peavey, PCM Marine Engines and TransWorld WAKEBOARDING magazine.

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Day two results:

Jr. Men’s (14-18) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Jake Pelot                           73.33

2.       Chad Payton                      67.50

3.       David Corredor Montenegro  60.00

4.       Shaun Henson                   55.00

5.       Hector Morales                 53.00

6.       David Caines                      45.00

7.       Jose Ferreira                      31.67

Jr. Men’s (14-18) Semifinals Heat 2

1.       Juan Martin Velez            86.67

2.       Ty Piearcy                        71.67

3.       Mitch Lowry                       60.00

4.       Daniel Mallarino               43.33

5.       Jordan Colleary                 18.33

Jr. Women’s (14-18) Semifinals Heat 2 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Larisa Morales                   73.33

2.       Rachel Orgill                       56.67

3.       Sara Jones                           43.33

4.       Katelyn Fenner                 36.67

5.       Abigail Prowse                  31.67

Jr. Women’s (14-18) Semifinals Heat 2

1.       Chloe Mills                          61.67

2.       Shelby King                         55.00

3.       Gianna Dinatale                   46.67

4.       Sofia Dinatale                    33.33

Veteran’s (40 and above) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Matt Vermillion                   73.33

2.       Darren Holsey                   55.00

3.       Mike Fay                           35.00

Men’s 1 (19-24) (Top 2 advance)

1.       Timothy Burnier               78.33

2.       Daniel Groves                    65.00

3.       Louis Floyd                          58.33

4.       Nick Vaccari                        46.67

5.       Josh Summers                   33.33

Men’s 2 (25-29) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 4 advance)

1.       Tim Pitschke                       71.33

2.       Corbin Blanton                  56.33

3.       Rob Corum                         54.50

4.       Dylan Wickersham           46.67

5.       James Tiblier                      38.33

Men’s 1 (19-24) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Colby Bernier                     76.67

2.       Luciano Rondi                    65.00

3.       Sam Henry                          50.00

4.       Gerarddo Mora                     43.33

Boy’s Semifinals (10-13) Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Tyler Higham                      78.33

2.       Erik Schroeder                   58.33

3.       Nicholas Brown                 50.00

4.       Lane Powell                        40.00

Boy’s (10-13) Semifinals Heat 2

1.       Mitch Kappler                    68.33

2.       Hunter Henderson          55.00

3.       Tyler Worrall                      41.67

4.       Kevin Duffy                        38.33

Girls (10-13) Semifinals Heat 1(Top 3 advance)

1.       Hollie Waldrop                  68.33

2.       Sarah Deary                        55.00

3.       Jessica Herman                 46.67

4.       Maria Fay                            39.33

5.       Piper Harris                         33.33

Women’s Veterans (40 & Above) (Top 3 advance)

1.       Kat Laird                               68.33

2.       Susan Sheehan                 55.00

3.       Paula Fay                             40.00

Women Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Gigi Meyer                          68.33

2.       Joy Manning                      58.33

3.       Natalie Graham                  36.67

Jr. Girls (9 & Under) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Kyla Hendricks                   66.67

2.       Sofia Mendez                    53.33

3.       Sydney Deary                    40.00

Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9& Under) Semifinals Heat 1(Top 4 advance)

1.       Benjamin Brown              85.00

2.       Daniel Johnson                 80.00

3.       Brett Powell                       70.00

4.       Karson Prowse                  51.67

5.       Xavier Olea Vorhauer     43.33

6.       Laird Stidham                     21.67

Jr. Boy’s (9 &nUnder) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Fynn Bullock                       71.67

2.       Thomas Herman               65.00

3.       Rocker Steiner                  51.67

Boy’s Beginner (10-13) Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 4 advance)

1.       Garrett Coleman              70.00

2.       Kai Stidham                        53.33

3.       Andy Birch                          48.33

4.       Kenny Prowse                   38.33

Amateur Wakeskate Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1.       Cristobal Mendez            65.00

2.       Craig Buss                            57.67

3.       Josh Harmon                      56.67

4.       Ronaldo Mascarenhas   46.67

5.       Michael Fay                        36.67