Dealers Applaud Centurion’s Innovative FX-22 Boat 
Merced, CA June 19, 2012At the recent Centurion Boat Dealer Meeting and FX-22 Launch Party as many as 40 top dealers were on hand to review and see the all new FX-22 for the first time. Centurion held its annual dealer meeting along with the Back Stage Pass photo shoot at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, NV on May 20-23. By all accounts, the audacious concept of having the two events overlapped was extremely successful. Dealers were able learn about the 2013 sales program from Centurion’s sales staff and top vendors and then they got to see the new FX-22 perform in the water.The FX-22 is a revolutionary new tow-boat design inspired by world-class race car manufacturers then applying their methods to the challenge of enhancing the Centurion experience so that all families and customers can extract maximum enjoyment. The result is a boat unlike any other boat in the tow sports market. Nate Stockman owner of Transition WaterSports in Ocala, Florida said, “If you love watersports, then you’re familiar with the feeling that courses through your body when looking at an early morning glassy lake with fog lifting on a spring day. It’s a peaceful feeling somehow mixed with adrenaline that’s ready to pump through your veins as you get pulled up to take the first slalom session down the ski course, the first pop of the wake on your wakeboard or letting go of the rope as the wave pulls you on your wake surfboard. That same feeling coursed through me when Rick Lee unveiled the FX-22 to the Centurion family! I know this boat will be a game changer because Rick Lee feels that passion every day and put every drop of it into the FX-22. My first impression was that it will be a boat that provides that feeling every time you start it up and pull away from the dock.”

Randy Moore of Get Wet Marine in Greensboro, NC had this to say about the FX-22. “Centurion has stepped outside-the-box with innovation that’s leading the industry in wake surfing and wakeboarding which are two family sports we have all grown to love. This boat and its most-certain consumer appeal will set a new paradigm for watersports boating.”

The FX-22 has the ability to adjust performance characteristics on three-axis. 1. Ride attitude, bow up or down. 2. Left or right lean with ballast adjustments or the use of after planes. 3. Rudder loading or what’s referred to as “crabbing” where the boat changes its directional attitude with the use of counter weight versus opposite after plane application. The crabbing application is especially good for producing the world-class wake surfing wakes that has enabled Centurion to be known as the World’s leader in wake surfing technology. Centurion’s VP of Sales, Bryan Holland said, “We’re pleased that our designers were able to produce a sleek new aerodynamic design, but we’re most excited that they followed our direction based on our extensive consumer research and that this boat is not just another pickle fork!”

The FX-22 has the ability to adjust performance characteristics on three-axis. 1. Ride attitude, bow up or down. 2. Left or right lean with ballast adjustments or the use of after planes. 3. Rudder loading or crab from counter weight versus opposite after plane application.

Another new feature of the FX-22 is the Centurion Touch Vision system and dash board display. The new display has added features and ergonomic improvements making the system more intuitive and user friendly. Dave Commander of Russell Marine in Alexander City, AL had this to say about the new Touch Vision Display, “We were so excited about the new developments in the dash display. At first glance it wasn’t clear that a lot was changed, but when we got a chance to play with it, we quickly found that the new system was much better. It’s just easier to use and has an iPhone like feel. The screen is easier to see and the onscreen commands are much easier to navigate. I just want to thank Les Clark at Centurion for listening to us and developing a much better system. Our customers are really going to like this.” Daniel Arriaga of Family Powersports located in Weatherford, Texas said, “After reviewing firsthand, the new dash is insane, perfectly simple functionality and the ultimate location for all key components. Nice job Centurion!”

Centurion’s professional wakeboarding and wake surfing team consists of the most decorated athletes in the World. Centurion’s world class wakeboarding team consists of Ricky Gonzalez, Noah Fleegel, and Gordon Harrison. The world renowned Centurion Pro Wake Surf Team which holds a combined 11 World Wake Surfing Championship titles includes Bri Chmel, Rebecca Ort, Keenan Fleegel and Drew Danielo to name a few.* * * *About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wakesurfing boat and with its new FX-22 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world class wakesurfing boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in wakeboarding and slalom ski boat technology. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 or visit

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