Empire Wake’s Double Down
August 21st 2010
3:00pm – 9:00pm

As if you needed another reason to come to Austin Texas and party, here is one more big one for you. Located on the busiest part of Lake Austin, Empire Wake will be tying up to VIP party barges for one helluvia double up contest.

Here is how it is going down:
There are only 20 spots open. That is 15 pro riders riders. All riders ante up $40 and take a hit on the 2011 Centurion Enzo. Once you see everyone’s cards, you can “Double Down” for a shot at twice the purse size.  If you don’t think you can hang you can then be a pansy and keep your $40 in for the smaller purse of $2000.
Every rider gets 3 hits in the first round. Top 3 riders advance to the finals to compete for the $4000 purse (That is if you Doubled Down) Winner takes all!

Don’t worry if you aren’t riding. Get yourself a VIP ticket for the party barges. There will be a live DJ lots of beverages and a 4 to 1 ratio of Hot Texas women to party with.

Since the VIP is limited, then everyone else will be tying up forming a huge party right in front of the 2 busiest bars on Lake Austin.

Big thanks to Hydro tunes, Buywake.com, Never Winter, ShadowBox, Urban Rider Winches, and UGP

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