The newly enhanced Infinity 2T features our self tensioning counter weight system and ERC’s advanced operating software. The Advantage Pro is designed to withstand heavy daily use in a variety of settings from summer camps to hard core wakeboard enthusiasts.

The streamline design allows for easy set up, operation and maintenance. Great care was taken to ensure safety and long term durability when enhancing the original Infinity 2T to today’s Infinity 2T Advantage Pro. The new counter weight system reduces the need for manual cable tensioning and our upgraded heavy duty  roller bearings have a 3 year wear warranty.  We increased the footprint of the motor tower platform for safer set up and maintenance procedures.

For more information about ERC Cable Systems and the new Infinity 2T Advantage Pro please contact us via email at or call  us at 775-315-2468. We look forward to working with you and meeting your cable system needs.

Retail Price: $39,995

*Price includes 2 days standard land tower installation and training in the continental USA. Shipping not included.

Special: Receive a $2,500 discount on final invoice w/signed contract prior to November 30th.