Chengdu – October 16th to 18th 2015 – Nanhu park, Tian Fu zone.

After a first successful edition in October 2014, the world’s most extrême action sports event is back in China ! 

This year the Wakeboard will be added to the Chinese edition of the FISE World Series.

The beautiful Nan Hu Parc of the huge Chinese city of Chengdu will be welcoming hundreds of the best pros and amateur athletes of the world  to compete in the 5 star-disciplines of the event: roller, BMX, skateboard, mountain bike and wakeboard.

SCHEDULE (Los Angeles UTC-7h)
October 16th, 2015
9:20 pm to 10:15 pm – ISBC Mountain Bike Pro Semi Final
10:45 pm to 11:20 pm – Wakeboard Pro Final

October 17th, 2015
12:00am to 12:50am – Skateboard Pro Final
1:15 am to 2:45 am – Honor BMX Pro Semi Final
9:40 pm to 10:40 pm – ISBC Mountain Bike Pro Final
11:20 pm to 0:30 am – Roller Pro Final

October 18th, 2015
1:10 am to 2:40 am – Honor BMX Pro Final

For more info check out http://fise.fr/en