Not technically, that would be bad, almost as bad as Daniel Doud’s idea of a shark in the Carlsbad Lagoon.
No, I am talking about Fuel TV, only the greatest station on television these days due to their awesome support of the wake industry. But it was time for their employees to get out of the office and see what wakeboarding is all about. Luckily Liquid Force is really good about bringing groups out to the water (I mean look at Brostock!). So yesterday Liquid Force invited workers from Fuel TV out to ride at the Carlsbad Lagoon. Fuel TV’s employees were greeted by Liquid Force’s Daniel Doud, Shelby Kantar and Melissa Marquardt for a fun day of riding and chilling on the water. People ripped and rode and had a great time, especially for it being a workday.
Keep up with Fuel TV for new episodes of Pull, they are pretty sweet!