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Clean water is precious whether for water sports or drinking. In 2015, Gekko’s plans to bring clean water for life to 100 people through World Vision.

World Vision’s water program brought clean water to 2,700,000 new people in 2014. The largest non-governmental provider of clean water on the planet, World Vision brings clean water to a new person every 30 seconds. For $50, 1 person in a developing country can have clean water for life, including sanitation and hygiene as a part of the package.

Gekko CEO Mark Overbye remarked, “It’s the right thing to do. Water is life’s most basic necessity and millions around the world don’t have enough to drink while we enjoy an abundance for water sports. We hope to make a difference in 100 lives in the next 90 days. To grow awareness, Gekko will contribute 25¢ for each new Facebook follower.”

Like the Gekko Boats main page on Facebook and Gekko will contribute 25¢ to the goal. Here’s the link: