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It makes me feel good to see the direction that women’s wake surfing has taken. Women are really pushing the limits whether it’s the surf division where women are doing backside 360’s and air reverses or the skim division where women are doing big spins and shuvs. I feel very lucky to be in a sport where women are recognized and given the same importance as men. Wake surfing has become a lot more popular in the women’s division. Women of all ages are actually getting out there trying the sport instead of just sitting on the boat. Not to mention all of the young upcoming girls that are pushing the sport and keeping me on my toes that makes me push harder to learn more tricks. People often ask me how I got my aggressive style. Well… I remember when I got my first wake surf lesson it was from my brothers friend that surfs in the ocean. He asked me what I wanted to learn. I told him I wanted to learn an air. He laughed and said, “Girls don’t really do airs there’re other thing’s you can learn before an air.” That comment pretty much shaped my wake surf style. I wanted to show him that I could do everything that he did. 🙂 I feel that wake surfing is a sport where women can really show their strength and that’s what makes wake surfing so great. So girls keep on riding and don’t ever let anything hold you back – Ashley Kidd


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