My biggest thought lately has been all about life vest. I constantly see pics on the Social Media outlets of people wakesurfing with no vest on. WHY? I also just read on a wakesurf blog a nice article on the same subject. Do people realize these things can save your life? I know what you non wearers are thinking, “Come on man I am wakesurfing at 11 mph, that cannot happen to me”. Well I am here to tell you your wrong. All it takes is the wrong fall and your board comes out of the water and Bam! in the head good night.
 With the technology in vest now a days it is crazy to not wear one. Vest are Comfortable, not big or bulky, and your range of movement is not jeopardized. There is really no reason not to wear one. I personally ride on a non patrolled private lake where I can do what I want. You will never see me or anyone riding behind my boat without a vest on. There is no excuse for this and with all the trouble wakesurfing has had to go through to be legalized every where the last thing we want to do is give authorities a reason to give us a hard time.
And again I call out any of the pro riders who are riding without a vest, set the example! We are the one’s the kids look up to. 🙂  Lets teach them the right way to ride and be safe. That’s all for this week – DD