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 Lets talk about the coolest thing in all sports and especially in wakesurfing, PROGRESSION! It is one of my favorites.. When I am cruising through the social media world and I see pictures of riders progressing it puts a big smile on my face. Recently I saw this awesome picture of Zoey Montgomery shredding a wave that is chest high on her and  I am like check that out!? Or lets say I get a message from Nathan Chao asking me, “how do I do those shuv its?” And 2 days later I get a message that says “I DID IT”! I instantly smile ear to ear thinking about the excitement these up and comers feel when they learn new stuff. It does not matter whether it is teaching someone how to get up and ride for the first time or teaching someone how to land a backside big spin. The feeling you get is the same, it’s a euphoric feeling! So instead of just the daredevil youngsters on their wakeboards getting this feeling of pure stoke, now mom and dad are riding with wakesurfing and experiencing it themselves. So this week I encourage all of you to go out and try and learn something new. Relive the feeling of pure stoke and remember the families that shred together, learn together, and progress -DD

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