This week I want to talk about the joys of wake surfing. In the past couple weeks I have been completely re motivated and enjoying wake surfing more than ever. It is hard not to love our sport. Your in a boat, with all your friends, on a lake, SURFING! When you get done your not beat up and sore. Maybe a little tired.

I recently was in North Carolina at the beautiful Belews Creek with the crew from Get Wet Marine. We had a 3 day clinic scheduled and the weather perfect. Day 1 I got to spend the day with a family who owned the local marina and loved to surf. Denae (who was the daughter) was having a blast and we rode for hours. Colin (DAD) even jumped in a few times and took a couple good runs down the lake with some great riding.

The next day we had a boat load of surfers. Age range (8 to 63), yes 8-63! That does not happen in to many sports. What hit me was how everyone in the boat was cheering each other on and the smiles on everyone’s face when a rider let go of the rope for the first time and started cruising down the lake. Two of the highlights were watching 63 year old Sammy (who is a very well skilled water skier) get up on a surf board for his first time. With in five minutes Sammy was rope less, had a huge smile on his face and the cheers from the boat erupted. The other big highlight was helping 8 year old Tori get up on her new surfboard for the first time. Her father Caleb was out shredding and Tori was ready to ride. I helped her from the water a handful of times, each time she went further and further. I then got in the boat and she was pulled up on her own and put a 2 minute ride down the lake together with a HUGE smile.

It reminded me why I love this sport and why I always want to continue to give back to it. At the end of the day I enjoy competing, but there is no better feeling then sharing the joys of wake surfing with new people. So until next time I encourage all of you to teach 1 older person and 1 younger person to surf. It will be will be the most rewarding feeling you will get and you will be glad you did.
Be safe and SURF on – DD

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