Don’t be afraid to try something new!

I like things that are familiar to me and I know I love.  I often surf the same wave, same board and with the same people.  But I feel this can make me get stuck in my comfort zone and prevent me from achieving my full potential.
Last month I went to Vegas for a couple weeks of training with my family.  One thing I wanted to achieve while i was away was a higher ollie. I had a great coach helping me for a couple days and I watched back videos of myself.
I learned new tricks but couldn’t seem to get my Ollie’s any higher.  I could see what I needed to do for my technique to improve, but no matter how hard I tried my brain just couldn’t seem to make my body do it. It was frustrating to me but knew eventually I would get it!
This weekend I was blessed to get the opportunity to travel to California and ride with the Garcia family.  I was surfing a different wave, tried a different board set up and rode with new people.  Everything came together and my brain suddenly clicked. In a day of riding I formed a much better Ollie technique and my airs got significantly higher.  My arms are now staying up and I can bring my knees into my chest.  Trying something new pushed me to the next level.
I am mind blown with the experience and I have found a new confidence within my riding from a weekend away.
Don’t be afraid to surf with new people and try different waves or boards…even if it is an adjustment to your own wave or trying different fins in your board. It could be that one thing you need to help you progress.
Life takes you on a journey and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Welcome the opportunities you get and be open to trying something new because you never know what will make you click.

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