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Wake surfing has helped me find an inner confidence and has brought me the opportunity to travel to many amazing places.  Just over a year ago I would have struggled to travel alone. I was scared and intimidated. But now I seem to be hopping on an airplane alone every weekend for a new adventure and absolutely love it! The places I have seen are amazing and the experience has been unforgettable. Competing in wake surfing has opened doors to an unbelievable lifestyle.
In the past year and a half I have been to Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada, San Diego, Carlsbad, LA, Sacramento, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe in California. Parker, lake Havasu and Phoenix in Arizona. Mexico in Baja of California. Fort Collins in Colorado. Dallas and San Angelo in Texas. Seattle area in Washington and Tampa Florida.
Wake surfing is a sport that is growing rapidly. I have had the opportunity to travel many places within the states but more opportunities are arising to travel overseas for coaching and competing. This year Caroline Villeneuve traveled to Dubai, Russia and Switzerland and many others within the circuit have had similar experiences.
I am truly amazed by the lifestyle I now live.  I was convinced to enter the Koocanusa Wake Surf Challenge in August 2012 when all I could do was carve the wave and board slide.  The week before the competition I had a half hour lesson with Caroline Villeneuve and I learned some basic tricks. I won the amateur division and travelled to the world championships which opened my eyes to this amazing lifestyle.
Entering your first competition may be intimidating but it could also be a life changing experience. Life is an amazing journey and you never know where it will take you next.  Be inspired, inspire others, and live everyday to the fullest.  Face your fears, take some risks and work hard to make all your dreams come true-EE

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