So with the contest season in full swing I have already heard and received emails with the the way the judges were way off, blah blah blah. Most of it with this is from amateur riders. I have also received some who said I just missed the podium, but I will try harder next time. Well to all the blamers enough already! Yes, sometimes it will seem the judges are off. But 90% of all events and judges that are qualified enough to judge, they judge the whole division so everyone you ride against is using the same judges and criteria. Instead of causing a scene and making a big deal to everyone, try and go up to one of your judges and ask them why your scoring was the way it was or off? Be more like what you could have done to score higher instead of just verbally going off them.

Judging is one of the hardest things to do beside just going at it like an athlete. You’d be surprised  that the judges will talk with you after the contest and can give you some great info and you may learn all you need to do at the next event is really simple, or not, but you learn something. That way they respect you even more.  For the blamers who always use the, “The wave was not very good”!  If you are riding at home behind a boat fully loaded up and dialed in because you use it every day, expect for the contest wave to not be as good, that way if it is better your more confident. While most events take time and getting the wave as good as they can, also takes time, it is not always going to be the biggest epic wave you have ever ridden at a contest. However it will be the exact same wave everyone in the contest is dealing with and riding on so suck it up and ride your best and be happy.

Instead of complaining, take a missed podium spot and use it for motivation and information from a judge. Go home and ride a little longer, start trying to do new tricks, and perfect the tricks you know and try and do them a little higher, or spin a little more. If you do this you will find yourself on the podium at a future event. “Delete the negative attitude and stay positive as there is always another event. Have fun and mosgt important.. “Share the Stoke” – DD