Bellevue, WA October 7, 2013; With only 5 riders in each pro division qualifying to ride on Saturday the stakes were high with $100,000 in cash as the Inland Surfer team took to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of 2013 World Titles.

Keenan Flegel, reigning World Wake Surfing Champion delivered to defend his title.  Hitting every known surf-style wake surf trick Keenan ended his pass with a frontside 180 popped shuv-it to a surface 180-out followed by a switch backside big spin and finally fell on a kickflip attempt.  At this year’s World Wake Surfing Championship it took a run like that to win it all.

James Walker, who went into the finals with the #1 seed put on his signature technical display.  A style known only to James who landed surf-style 180 to 540 out, backside 180 popped shuv-it with effortless precision.  With an Aerial 360, Korina 3, and alley-oop to surface 360, air-reverse and surface-reverse, it was enough to take home the 2nd place hardware and $8,000 in cash.

Veteran Sean Cummings held strong in qualifying throwing together a contest run that shocked the crowds Friday night, only just missing finals.  On his Inland Surfer Sean Cummings Pro Model, Sean threw 180 backside shuv-to-360 combos, switch big spin, frontside 180, stalled 360 and a big spin – impressive but just coming up short. Inland Surfer 2013 RookieSebastien Balland of France threw down in the Men’s Pro Skim with 180 shuv-its and spins maintained great competition in Friday’s preliminaries, placing just outside the final round.

Caroline Villeneuve, favored to win her first World title with a huge fan base in attendance, enthralled the crowd leading in with a drifter to half-cab 180 and shuv-out followed by an ollie frontside 180 in the flats.  One of the few female riders grabbing all her tricks including a shuv-indy, double-grabbed ollie and just missing her switch bigspin but hitting the frontside 180 shuv-it  it was enough for $8,000 and a 2nd place in the World bragging rights in the Women’s Pro Skim.

Taylor Dorey, the industry’s youngest heelside rider took her Keenan Flegel Pro Skim board all the way to the top of the Outlaw Women’s Skim division in 1st place, graduating to the Pros as another Inland Surfer 2013 World Wake Surfing Champion. Already credited with a unique style as one of the most aggressive female riders, big things are coming from Taylor in 2014!  Taylor’s father, Inland Surfer supporter and 1/2 of Team Dorey also rode his Keenan Flegel Pro Surf board to the podium in Men’s Masters. 

Cortne Kantowski, another 2013 Rookie took the podium boasting the biggest airs in the Outlaw Women’s Surf and took it all the way to the podium in 3rd place.  Outlaw rider Zane Montgomery, Inland Surfer’s youngest team rider, held it down for Team Inland taking home 2nd place in Men’s Outlaw Surf with an impressive run on his Flyboy Division board including a body varial, frontside aerials, surface 360 and grabbing everything in sight.

Stay tuned as our team riders and new products hit the wake in 2014.  Big congrats to all our Inland Surfers out there on an amazing year!

Cheers, the Inland Surfer Gang.