Getting the perfect audio experience on your boat, whether you just want some background music when floating, or you’re after a high end system with plenty of volume and clarity to hear at the end of an 80 foot rope, shouldn’t be that difficult. WakeSOUNDS.com was created to simplify the process, making it easy to get exactly the results you’re looking for from your boat’s stereo system.

WakeSOUNDS.com promises to provide boat owners with the highest quality products, knowledge and customer service possible. Specializing in both tower and in-boat audio and accessories from brands like Exile Audio, Skylon and more, WakeSOUNDS.com is excited to provide complete solutions that include everything necessary to install and use your new stereo equipment.

With over 30 years of collective experience in the wake industry, the addition of marine audio to WakeSHOPS’s product offering continues the tradition of selling and supporting everything you need to have more fun on your boat.

Since 2009 WakeSHOPS has built a reputation by helping customers have more fun behind their boats with a combination of knowledge and product selection that is unmatched. Dedicated to their goal of “making sure you’re having as much fun as possible when on the water”, WakeSHOPS is located in Bend, Oregon and serves customers on the web at WakeMAKERS.com, WakePROPS.com, WakeSOUNDS.com, and EasyBoatCare.com.