Invited Riders Announced for Tigé MyWake Global Challenge Live Contest Sept. 10-11

Orlando, Fla. — A stacked field of invited riders have been announced for the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge live finals on Sept. 10-11 at Buena Vista Watersports in Orlando. The invitees join the winners from the online portion of the contest, who were selected after submitting videos of their best two minute run to between May 1 – July 31.

Creating a pool of premiere competitors for the first-ever three discipline invitational competition featuring wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing, the invited riders join some of the sports’ biggest names including Harley Clifford, Rusty Malinoski, Adam Errington, Dieter Humpsch, Dominic Lagace and Chase Hazen. The entire field for the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge live finals includes:

Pro Men Wakeboard

1.      Aaron Rathy
2.      Adam Errington
3.      Daniel Powers
4.      Harley Clifford
5.      Josh Palma
6.      Kyle Rattray
7.      Mike Dowdy
8.      Phillip Soven
9.      Rusty Malinoski
10.    Scotty Broome
11.     Steel Lafferty
12.    Tony Carroll


Pro Women Wakeboard

1.      Amber Wing
2.      Melissa Marquardt
3.      Raequel Hoffman
4.      Raimi Merritt
5.      Tarah Mikacich


Junior Pro Men Wakeboard

1.      Jacob Valdez
2.      Jason Soven
3.      Keenan Allen
4.      Noah Flegel
5.      Tony Iacconi
6.      Gus Shuler


Pro Wakeskate

1.      Brandon Thomas
2.      Brian Grubb
3.      Dieter Humpsch
4.      George Daniels
5.      James Balzer


Pro Men Skim

1.      Dominic Lagace
2.      Keenan Flegel
3.      Noah Flegel
4.      Tommy Czeshin


Pro Men Surf

1.      Chase Hazen
2.      Chris Kinsey
3.      RJ Garcia
4.      Vince Costa
5.      Chris Wolter
6.      James Walker


Pro Women Skim

1.      Bri Chmel
2.      Caroline Villeneuve
3.      Jackie Costa
4.      Vanessa Gonzalez
5.      Adrianna Borelli


Pro Women Surf

1.      Ashley Kidd
2.      Korina Smyrek
3.      Raequel Hoffman
4.      Aisha Van Wieringen
5.      Rebecca Ort

“We’re thrilled to draw such an impressive field of invited riders for the live event,” said, Tigé Director of Marketing, Daniel Gutierrez. “Pitting them against the monthly online winners in each division, we couldn’t be more excited to have the biggest names in each discipline competing in the first-ever Tigé MyWake Global Challenge live finals.”

Recognizing the game-changing format of the MyWake Global Challenge, PCM Engines upped the ante of the contest and doubled all Tigé prize money for the monthly winners. With the matched money from PCM Engines, overall prizes for the online and live portions of the contest are more than $35,000.

Fans can track their favorite riders and comment on their video submissions by using the Tigé Exposure meter at