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Lately Jobe seems to be on a streak as far as signing talented riders. With already an impressive list of riders, Jobe let us know they’ve signed Dutch rider Marc Kroon to the International Jobe Boating team.

Marc is currently residing in Orlando, Florida where he trains the whole year round. Marc is a well-known rider and part of the Red Bull team with impressive titles including European Champion in 2010 and 2012. In 2013 Marc became 3rd at the World Championship. Marc has qualified for the US pro Tour several times, however you’ll also find him competing in Europe at amongst others the European Championship and Dutch Nationals.

Jobe’s team captain Gijs said ‘’We’re super stoked to have Marc signed to our team and are looking forward for an insane year, welcome to the Jobe family’’. With Jobe’s team continuously getting stronger we’re definitely looking forward as well!

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