Paul Johnston (PJ) commentated for the third year in a row at the Dutch National Wakeboard Championships. But this year that wasn’t the only reason for a visit to the Netherlands. PJ got invited to the Jobe HQ where he got to see the Jobe office, meet everyone and take a look at the new gear. But that wasn’t all, Jobe surprised PJ with the news that they liked him to be a part of the International Wakeboard Boating Team. PJ was immediately convinced and pumped to sign the same day!

For the people that are unfamiliar with Paul Johnston or PJ, let us introduce him. PJ is an Irish native but spends most of his time in sunny Spain where he coaches and trains at Xtreme-Gene in Córdoba. About a year ago PJ became a part of the Jobe Local Hero team as he’s a great rider with an even better attitude. PJ participated in many competitions like the 2014 Irish Nationals open men where he finished second, the 2014 Flanders Open in Belgium with a first place and the Lowlands Tour 2014 where PJ became Tour Champion!

PJ can’t wait to help out with development and represent Jobe to the fullest and he’s not the only one looking forward to this!

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