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Jobe signs #HeyDude

If you visited the Jobe Wake Park website or checked out Jobe on social media you couldn’t have missed out on their buildup to their huge announcement. To stay in the Christmas spirit, Jobe’s Wake Park homepage got turned into an advent calendar giving new clues each day that would eventually lead to their big announcement. Besides the clues in the advent calendar, a mystery profile magically appeared on their team page indicating a new rider joining the International Jobe Wake Park team! The mystery profile showed new facts of the unknown rider each day, did you connect the dots?

Jobe is ecstatic and proud to announce it added wakeboard phenom Dominik Guehrs to its International Wake Park team, expanding their already impressive team of world’s best riders. ‘’We’re super hyped to have signed such a big name in the wakeboard scene and talented addition to the team’’ says Gijs, Team manager at Jobe.

Being born and raised in Munich by his caring family he started wakeboarding at the young age of ten, not much later kicking of his wakeboarding career and winning the German Wakeboarding Championships three times as a junior. In 2006 Dominik had a more than successful year as he ranked second in the German and European Championships and grabbed a bronze medal from the World Championships in the Juniors category. Moving forward in time, Dominik continues to dominate with victories at the World Championships in 2011, the WWA World Tour title in 2012 and first place at both the Cable World Cup and at Red Bull Rising High last year.

Before Jobe announced the news, hints were given in the advent calendar. These hints refer to facts given in an interview of Dominik found below.

If you would be stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, with who or what wouldn’t you want to be trapped?
I´m afraid of Snakes, I hate nothing more than snakes and I can´t even bear to watch them on TV!

If you can name one thing you can’t miss on a trip, what would it be?
I guess it would be my phone as I have to check it before going to bed. No phone means no sleep, which I need the following day to shred.

Do you believe in lucky numbers?
Yeah, but I haven’t found mine yet. I know it’s somewhere in between one and a hundred.

What’s your favorite time of the day?
Food is good so lunchtime is great for me!

Which region feels most like home to you?
I’m Bavarian, after my trips it always feels good to return to my family in Germany.

Favorite hash tag?

Jobe is thrilled to welcome Dominik to the team and looks forward to next season. To be honest so do we! Make sure to follow Jobe Wake Park and Dominik on their road to success in 2015!

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