Jobe is proud to have a rider like Dominik Gührs in its Wakepark team. This true athlete always blows the mind of people who watch him ride and he blows away the competition!

This past weekend Dominik did it again, by winning the World Cup Title in Shanghai, for the third year in a row! A great performance that could only be achieved by a great athlete! We would like to congratulate Dominik Gührs with this amazing performance. And we hope that he will keep up this winning streak and keeps defending his title, with his amazing bag of tricks!

A performance like this makes Dominik well deserving of his own pro model wakeboard. So that’s why Jobe combined forces with Dominik to create a board that fits his needs: the Jobe Breach. This board is designed to do it all, from riding rails to going big on inverts. The Breach is made from the best materials and with the latest innovations, making this perfect for a champion like Dominik!

So be sure to be on the lookout for Dominik Gührs, whether he’s beating the competition or dropping edits like his My-Tai series. This amazing wakeboarder has got it all!

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