KC Watersports and our newest sponsor “Sanuk” have made it our mission to get more sports enthusiasts hooked on the sport of cable wakeboarding.  The program that we are running is called “Ride for Five”.   Basically, if you have never been to KC Watersports, never wakeboarded, never cable wakeboarded, can’t get off the dock or can’t make it around the lake…..then this program is for you!

Never tried wakeboarding?  Never been able to get up on a wakeboard?  Can’t stay up once you do get up?  Well here is your time to shine.  KC Watersports wants to help as many people as possible learn to wakeboard.  It is really pretty simple, if you are a beginner wakeboarder sign up for one of our ride for five lessons bring your swim suit and $5 we will provide everything else you need!  We will have instructors and coaches on hand to teach you the basics.  How to start off the dock, how to successfully get around the lake, and most important have a great time doing it!

We are starting this program May 23-June 4, and then every weekend in June.  We are offering 2 hour sessions from 10AM-Noon where we will turn the cable speed down.  Our goal is to have beginners learn with beginners.  The $5 will including full gear, instructional help getting “started”, help getting “around the lake” and turn 2 coaching!  Once you make it around the lake without falling….. you will be finished with the “Ride for Five” program and we will get other beginners started!  Spaces will be limited so that we can spend the necessary time with beginner to get them comfortable riding the cable!

For more information on “Ride for Five” check out our website at www.kcwatersports.com or join us on facebook at KC Watersports or twitter at KC Watersports or Contact Sean Hollonbeck at sean@kcwatersports.com (913)783.4300.

CU on the Water!