KC Watersports announces that we have booked one of the biggest names in women’s wakeboarding to teach a summer camp!  Liquid Force’s Pro rider Melissa Marquardt!

Melissa Marquardt and 2010 Junior Worlds Champ Kim Kirch will be holding a “GIRLS ONLY” summer camp at KC Watersports June 6-10. Marquardt will be with us June 6-9 and Kirch will be here the whole week.  This camp has been designed to get more female riders hooked on the sport.  Marquardt will be instructing the first four days with Kirch assisting and taking over all the instructing on Friday.  KC Watersports will also have their female staff assisting both Marquardt and Kirch while they are instructing riders from beginners through advanced.  The camp will include instruction both on the cable, land, importance of stretching and classroom/video instruction.
The Price for all 5 days, including breakfast and lunch each day, is $695 for the whole week.  The camp includes exclusive use of the cable from 9AM to noon every day for instruction, and preferential “line cuts” from noon to 3PM.  Campers will continue to ride with the rest of the customers until 7PM

Marquardt said, “I’m super excited to teach an all girls camp!  The sport of wakeboarding is exploding and we need more female riders to break out in this industry.  I’ll be giving basic instruction to riders that are just starting and advanced instruction to the aggressive riders.”
Ms. Marquardt is willing to try anything twice!  She will test the waters when most guy riders won’t even consider it.  Marquardt is one of the most versatile riders in the entire wakeboarding industry right now.   There will be different groups that Marquardt will be teaching to insure that riders are learning at their ability level.

Kim Kirch is a solid rider and has recently captured the title of “Junior Worlds Champion”.  Kirch has traveled the globe wakeboarding and has developed her skill level.  Kirch will continue to travel to tournaments throughout the summer; but when you don’t see her traveling with the pro tournaments you will see her working at KC Watersports.

Kim Kirch stated, “I’m excited to be working alongside Melissa Marquardt for the girls’ camp at KCW!  Being able to give other riders the confidence they need is such a great feeling.  We all wakeboard because we enjoy the sport, but the rush you get from learning a new trick is unbelievable.  One of my favorite things is seeing the smile on a riders face when they land a new trick or hit a kicker for the first time.  I’m ready for summer to begin.”

Be sure to contact us online to reserve your spot for the “Girls Only Camp” at KC Watersports this summer.   The “Girls Only Camp” itinerary is posting under events at KC Watersports.  There is limited space available at each camp so be sure to sign up online, call or e-mail.  For more information on each camp check out our website at www.kcwatersports.com or join us on facebook at KC Watersports or twitter at KC Watersports or Contact Sean Hollonbeck at sean@kcwatersports.com (303) 915-3535, or Marco Thompson at (619) 518-3001 marco@marcothompson.com.

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