From the sleepy lakeside neighborhoods, to the concrete jungles of Wall Street and beyond – The second volume of Live Simple will surely inspire. With the rebellious southern wilderness as a backdrop, take a photographic journey into the suburban home away from home of Chris O’Shea and Brenton Priestley.

Early morning sets and afternoon storm lock downs, sunshine followed by rain. Sometimes there is some much clarity and yet, other times are a haze of intoxication, music and the night that leaves a ringing in the ear.

You’ll see some familiar faces and familiar landscapes, and meet some characters who linger in and around downtown Orlando – the place where you never know who you might meet, and who you meet might not be who you think they are.

There are magicians and woman, pub crawls and parties. This is a place where creativity rubs shoulders with eccentricity.

Furthermore, Live Simple have teamed up with the creator of In-Transit – Sideswipe Production’s Josh Robinson – to bring you the first Live Simple video feature. Three months in the making, Robinson joins the Life Simple way of life to bring motion to the pictures.

Created solely for your viewing pleasure, this is free riding and the lifestyle that follows at it’s best.

We hope you enjoy the latest installation.

Until next time, Live Simple.