Malibu Boats introduces MaliView, a new 6.5” LCD instrumentation system that controls, monitors and customizes boat functions as well as plays video from a number of sources.

(Merced, CA) – Malibu Boats makes water sports boating easier and more fun with exclusive instrumentation technology. The new MaliView Dash System increases the size of the in-dash LCD to 6.5 inches and transforms the display to color with home theater-style resolution, visible in full sun. MaliView allows you to control, monitor and customize boat functions with intuitive 10-button navigation. The new dash display also gives you the ability to view video on the water, from a variety of sources, live or recorded.

Dubbed by many 2009 Malibu boat owners as a “must have” option, MaliView could be the best instrumentation centerpiece ever developed for the water sports market. According to Dan Gasper, Director of Research and Development for Malibu Boats, “MaliView brings our boats’ unique features together in one easy-to-use system, but we are just scratching the surface. The only thing limiting the capabilities of MaliView is our imagination and we expand that everyday.”

MaliView presents critical boat information in a large 6.5” graphical color format, but this new option from Malibu goes way beyond appearance. This system includes 10 buttons for easy boat system navigation. The “Cruise” button cues graphical Precision Pro Speed Control information and displays additional gauge information as well as current stereo play selection at the bottom of the screen. The “Gauges” button reveals format choices for various gauge data. Simulated analog gauges, digital gauges and graphical depth are just a few of the options. Precision Pro Speed Control can be turned on or off and the speed can increased or decreased from any of these gauge screens. The “Preset” button takes the user into a graphical list of available presets. This new thumbnailed list of presets makes the choice quick and easy. Every boat equipped with the MaliView comes standard with 7 presets and each of those can be easily modified to the boat owners personnel preferences. Additional Presets can also be easily added to the list of choices by simply pressing the “Save Preset” button located on any of the “Cruise” or “Gauges” screens.  The “Media” button provides stereo control and access to switched video inputs.

One of the most talked about MaliView features is video connectivity. MaliView offers RCA inputs, video as well as left and right audio, in the glove box for easy video source attachment. Video sources from DVD players, to camcorders, to rear-view cameras can be used with this system. Brush up on your wakeboarding skills by viewing instructional DVDs like Waketrix on the boat. Then record and review your progress behind the boat. You can even battle it out on gaming systems in the boat. Be a Guitar Hero, spark a Karaoke Revolution, tackle Madden NFL and more. MaliView can also display still photos from a digital camera for easier viewing in the sun or to share with the rest of the boat. Malibu is finding new fun uses for MaliView everyday. The possibilities are endless.

Auto Wedge is a new Malibu feature that works with MaliView and is available on all 2009 boats excluding the Ride Series, Response and Response LX. Auto Wedge automatically adjusts the Patented Power Wedge to improve the time it takes to get on a plane and reduce fuel consumption while pulling a rider. During testing, with the Wakeboard Advanced preset engaged, the Auto Wedge feature enabled the boat to reach the Precision Pro Speed Control set speed 33% faster and used 30% less fuel when pulling up a rider. These efficiency results could never be accomplished with typical wake enhancement systems.

Malibu Boats credits the longevity of this system to durable construction and upgradeability. MaliView has a hard-coat anti-reflective lens that is sonically welded to the display housing. This seals the display from water intrusion, reduces light reflections off the lens, and helps to protect the lens from scratching. The MaliView system is not only structurally sound, but it has the ability to be upgraded with future software advancements and additional features via 2.0 high-speed USB.

MaliView is available in all 2009 Malibu boats, excluding Ride, Response and Response LX models. Visit your nearest Malibu Boats and take a little time to enjoy MaliView.

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