What:  The MasterCraft Throwdown Wakeboard pro invitational, a double up, big-air format wakeboard competition will be nationally televised.

When:  Dec. 3, 2016, 4:30pm E.T.

Who:  Professional wakeboard athletes competed in the event, including Rusty Malinoski, Steel Lafferty, Bob Soven, JD Webb, Danny Harf and Aaron Rathy; The show is hosted by Parks Bonifay, wakeboard legend and MasterCraft ambassador

Where:  World of X Games television show on ABC

Additional details:  The MasterCraft Throwdown pro invitational wakeboard competition returns in its second year with rowdy, double up wakeboard action from the best wakeboard athletes in the business. The double up competition format makes every run an all-in, big air affair and the event again saw huge tricks and plenty of hijinks in Orlando. 

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