Melissa Marquardt has been wakeboarding at a high level for over ten years and is widely regarded as the most stylish women’s rider. Residing in Canyon Lake, California, Melissa also travels the world and has become one of the sport’s top ambassadors. That’s why she’s currently in Germany, spreading the universal language of Awesome with a few of her sponsors. Melissa will be rocking Body Glove wetsuits and swimwear and is a great fit within the wake team cast of characters.

Melissa began her current trip in Holland with Nicola Butler, where they rode and filmed with Nik Summers, the European distributor for Liquid Force and GoPro. Next, they headed to Langenfeld and The Bricks, two of the best cable parks in Germany (there are over 80 total cable parks in Germany alone). Then, the pair went back to Holland to support a Monster Energy rail jam. Next, they will go to Nico Von Lerchenfeld’s Cash for Tricks contest, then ride further south in Austria and Italy.

Best/Worst things about Germany? 

Best: The people.

Worst: Lil’ chilly.

Highlight of the 2012 season:

Traveling and filming with all my friends and I also took 2nd at the Monroe, Washington Pro Tour stop.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

A Snork.

Favorite TV show: 


Music you’re currently listening to:

They love their house music and hip-hop here in Germany!

Celebrity crush:

Kelly Slater.

If you won the lottery, you would… 

Live on an island with a lake in the middle with all my friends and family. I’d also have a pet Giraffe… and a helicopter.

Plans for offseason:

Snowboarding and going to Australia and New Zealand.

Favorite Body Glove product:

Smoothie bikini and Vibe wetsuit.

Facebook: Melissa Marquardt

Twitter: melissawsr

Instagram: melissawsr

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