Williston, FL-Monterey Boats has been traveling across the nation in conjunction with Volvo Penta and our Dealer/Partners to bring you the ultimate on the water experiences! From Monterey’s newest Surf Edition to the latest in the Monterey model lineup, we’ve got the perfect Monterey as well as the perfect Boat and Surf Expo event waiting for you!

River Valley Power and Sport’s Lake Minnetonka Location held our most recent event on June 2nd and 3rd, 2016. Their “Wake the Lake Boat and Surf Expo” began Thursday evening with an employee appreciation party. Employees were given the opportunity to test each of the new Monterey models out on the water and experience them first hand. Phil Symes, a salesman at River Valley Power and Sports, recently turned 50. After surfing behind the Monterey Surf Edition for the first time, Phil said “I can see now how surfing can become addictive. I wouldn’t buy a boat dedicated just to surf, but I can see why a family, who likes to surf and enjoys watersports, would buy a boat like Monterey’s Surf Edition. They get the best of both worlds; the ability to participate in regular open bow rider activities as well as enjoy the watersport activities the Monterey Surf Edition offers.”

The River Valley Power and Sports “Wake the Lake Boat and Surf Expo” event carried on into an exclusive VIP customer appreciation night, which was held at Lord Fletchers on Friday night, June 3rd, and featured fireworks, fire dancers, and the ultimate debut of our new 378SE! In- water boat demos were also available giving customers the opportunity to enjoy everything Monterey had to offer first hand out in the open water!

The event continued on into Saturday at River Valley’s Lake Minnetonka location where surf demonstrations and lessons were offered aboard Monterey’s Surf Editions. Professional surfers along with the surf editions, and in-water sea-trials of Monterey’s line up held audiences captive throughout the day, proving the event to be a tremendous success!

Monterey’s Co-Chairman Charles Marshall attended this year’s “Wake the Lake” event. According to Charles Marshall, “River Valley held an outstanding event. The entertainment was fantastic, the food provided by Lord Fletchers was incredible, and they offered a multitude of opportunities for individuals to “try before they buy” to the customers. The customers were able to enjoy every aspect of the event. I am already looking forward to next year’s event.”

Monterey Boats has a series of similar events planned throughout the 2016 boating season. These “Boat & Surf Expos” will take place in various locations across the country. Every show will offer a different view of the Monterey life but each will offer an incredible experience. For information on upcoming events, please visit:

Monterey Boats, a leading independent boat manufacturer, has a global presence with a reputation for luxury, style and sophistication. Known and respected the world over, they are the choice for the most discerning boating enthusiast. Over 500 highly skilled dedicated team members work tirelessly to hand craft unique models, ranging from 18’ to 41’. Our outstanding workforce, combined with innovative technology, has kept us at the head of the class. Wherever your boating adventures take you, Monterey delivers superior models to choose from, each backed by a reputation second to none. Monterey is leading the way in state- of the art boat designs and production, and they’re doing it all over the globe.

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