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Mystic supports charity project in Kenya

We, watersport lovers, are always out there on the water and in the sun. For us a matter of course but for the people with albinism, the sun is a great danger in their life. Due to the lack of melanin in their skin most of them will never experience the feeling of a great day at the beach.

But for the Albino people in Tanzania, this is the least of their problems. Here has been an unbelievable rise in witchcraft-related killings of albino people in recent years. This is because their body parts are used and sold by witchdoctors.
For example, in Tanzania, in September 2009, three men were convicted of killing a 14-year-old albino boy and severing his legs in order to sell them for witchcraft purposes. Numerous of these incidents have occurred and it is a continuing inhuman problem.

Verkaart Development Team
That is why many albinic people take refuge and go to neighboring countries like Kenya. Verkaart Development Team was established in 1993 with the mission to take care of these albino kids and orphans in Kenya. They provided homes and schools where the kids can have a safe life and a good education. Trying to give them a fair change in society.

Mystic Share & Care
Mystic decided to contribute to this great initiative. With the philosophy of our Share and Care projects, we made a collaboration with the kids of the Verkaart houses. Together with our design team the kids created drawings of their ‘dreams of the ocean’. All these drawings are combined by the design team and they turned it into a stylish, fun collection for men and ladies.

The collection includes an 18-inch boardshort for men and a 10,5 inch boardshort for ladies. Both items are great to wear in combination with the new loose fit Kenya tee. The artwork is a collection of the drawings of the children combined with fashionable ethical patterns in vibrant colors.

Buying these items will not only make you look unique, you are also contributing to the welfare of the kids in Kenya. Already the amount of €5.000,- is contributed to the Verkaart society. So they can continue with this great initiative. The Mystic Share & Care products are still available at your local Mystic dealer.

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