2010 Cablewakeboard.com National Points Chase

The CableWakeboard.com National Points Chase will challenge riders from all over the country. Riders will be competing and racking up points at all of the nine US cable parks to earn a spot to represent their home cable and compete in Points Championship in October at TSR. Riders can qualify for the championship by placing in the top three in their division overall at their local park. Those riders will be determined by their best 4 scores, dropping the lowest from the five tournaments. If the top three riders are not able to travel to TSR October 8-9, the fourth place rider will be the alternate and qualifying spots will be available in order on how they finished. This means if a good rider only competed in two events and finished 13th overall on the season, ten of the twelve riders that placed ahead of him or her would have to forfeit their spots in order for that rider to qualify for the championship. By dropping one score riders can miss a single stop and not be hurt in the overall placement.

Riders can compete at different parks across the country and their scores will count towards their overall score no matter what park they are at. They will represent whichever park they have the most qualifying scores from so if a rider rides two weeks at one park and three at another he or she would represent the park they rode three times at.

Riders can even compete at multiple parks the same week, but only their highest score will compete for that week.

Basic Info
– 5 Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro and Wakeskate
– Beginning the week of 6/15 and ending 7/15
– $15/entry fee or $60 for all five up front
– Qualify for the Overall Points Championship in October at TSR by placing in the top three in your division overall

Score Breakdown
– Wakeskate, Advanced & Pro: Kickers 25%, Sliders 25%, Air Tricks 40%, Composition 10%
– Intermediate: Kickers 35%, Sliders 35%, Riding, Ollie & Air Tricks 20%, Composition 10%
– Beginner: Kickers 30%, Sliders 50%, Riding & Ollie Tricks 10%, Composition 10%

Trick Limitations by Division
– Pro Wakeboard & Wakeskate: No Limitations
– Advanced Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 540s or backside 360s
Air Tricks/Kickers: up to Blind Landing Tricks (Sbends & whirlys are allowed but no other full twisting inverts)
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard Trick Only: No Restrictions
Intermediate Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 540s or backside 180s
Air Tricks/Kickers: Basic Inverts & Raileys, no blind or full twisting tricks
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard Trick Only: Advanced run restrictions
Beginner Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 360’s or HS backside 180s
Air Tricks/Kickers: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 and ollie 360’s ok
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard Trick Only: Intermediate run restrictions

Each rider will get two turns and a wildcard. The riders run will begin when he or she leaves the dock and will continue until he or she falls or the carrier reaches tower one a second time. This means the rider gets a full lap and an extra pass on the first stretch. The rider must let go before tower one. We will go through the running order and then return to the first rider and go through the complete order a second time. If you do not fall on your second run you should hold on and do your wildcard trick, which is one trick anywhere in the course. Only do the single trick or the judges may score the wrong trick. If you fall on your second run return to the dock immediately and you will then get a third turn to preform your wildcard trick.

The same trick will not be scored twice. They will give you credit for the better of the two attempts. This means it would not be benificial to throw the same trick on your second run as you did on the first. Different grabs do not constitute a different trick (Railey, OHH, Hoochie Glide, Nuke Glide… are all the same trick), however if you do it switch it will be counted as different trick, or if you do a trick in the flats, you may also do it off the kicker. However this will hurt your overall composition score.

Format may change slightly between parks, check with your local park for exact details! This format and breakdown will be used for the Championship October 8-10, 2010 at TSR. Riders can qualify for the Points Championship if they place in the top three overall in each division at their local series. For more information contact your local cable park or goto www.CableWakeboard.com to follow the chase to the points title.

Getting Involved
For information about participating in this series or sponsoring the chase please email blake@cablewakeboard.com For sponsoring the individual park events please contact the park managers.