Return of Bob Soven, Mike Dowdy’s Debut Highlight Action-Packed Day One

Orlando, Fla. — A conglomerate of the world’s best wakeboarders converged on the Orlando Watersports Complex to begin competition of the annual Nautique Wake Games Presented by Rockstar, one the sport’s largest and most prestigious events. Both the Pro Men and Pro Women showed off the results of their offseason training regiment, displaying progressive riding with massive aerials and technical rail maneuvers.

Highlighting the elite Pro Men’s division today was the return of Bob Soven, who was sidelined much of last season from injury. During his triumphant return, Soven unleashed an arsenal of stylish tricks to win his heat and secure a spot in Saturday’s quarterfinals round. The division also saw the highly-anticipated King of Wake professional debut of Mike Dowdy. The winner of last season’s Overton’s Junior Pro Series didn’t disappoint, boosting some of the biggest airs of the day, including the very elusive mute double roll to revert to win his heat and claim a spot in the quarterfinals.

“It’s clear everyone put in a lot of time training during the offseason and came to Wake Games to show off their new and improved bag of tricks,” said Chris Bischoff, King of Wake competition director. “The Nautique G23 is pumping out a perfect wake, so fans can expect to see some huge tricks throughout the event.”

Early indications suggest the Pro Women are bringing female wakeboarding to new heights. Leading the charge during day one at Wake Games was Melissa Marquardt who linked together a well balanced run of big airs and smooth rail work to post the day’s top score of 85.00.

The Nautique Wake Games is stop number one on the eight-event King of Wake Series. Online adult tickets are available for $7 (46% off the gate price) and include an exclusive Overton’s discount code for online buyers only. Gate prices are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under). For information on the Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, visit www.kingofwake.com.

The Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Nautique Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Polaroid Action, Fox, ZEAL Optics Ronix, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Byerly, Peavey, PCM Marine Engines and YOUR MOM magazine.

For more event information, including daily schedules, tickets, results, standings, photos, videos, athlete bios and more, visit www.kingofwake.com.

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Nautique Wake Games Day 1 Results

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Kyle Rattray                       76.67

2.       Keenan Allen                     56.67

3.       Dustin O’Ferrall                 45.00

4.       Pierce Homsey                  25.00

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 2

1.       Jefferson Langley            68.33

2.       Jeff McKee                         61.67

3.       Stephen Pierce                 56.67

4.       Kirby Liesmann                 43.33

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 3

1.       Chris O’Shea                      73.33

2.       Christian Primrose           55.00

3.       Dante Digangi                    43.33

4.       Josh Palma                          33.67

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 4

1.       Mike Dowdy                      85.00

2.       Chad Sharpe                      55.00

3.       Ben Allbright                      43.33

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 5

1.       Bob Soven                          75.00

2.       Shane Bonifay                   65.00

3.       Nick Kamper                      48.33

4.       Brad Smeele                      45.67

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 6

1.       Danny Harf                         78.33

2.       Oli Derome                         73.00

3.       Josh Twelker                      69.17

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 7

1.       Sam Carne                          70.00

2.       Danny Thollander              51.67

3.       Jason Bannatyne              45.67

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 8

1.       Ryan Anderson                 66.67

2.       Adam Errington                 61.67

3.       Trevor Maur                       55.00

4.       Gunnar Shuler                   40.00

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 9

1.       Trevor Hansen                  78.33

2.       Austin Hair                          73.50

3.       Shaun Murray                   48.33

Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 10

1.       Shawn Watson                  81.67

2.       Jimmy Lariche                    73.33

3.       Jimmy Trask                       63.33

Pro Women Qualifying Round Heat 1 (Top 4 advance)

1.       Melissa Marquardt             85.00

2.       Nicola Butler                      76.67

3.       Charlotte Bryant                58.33

4.       Erika Langman                   41.67

5.       Ashley Leugner                 35.00

Pro Women Qualifying Round Heat 2

1.       Raimi Merritt                     75.00

2.       Corrie Dyer                         60.00

3.       Kimberly Kirch                   40.00

4.       Brooke Grassman            30.00

Pro Women Qualifying Round

1.       Amber Wing                       78.00

2.       Dallas Friday                       72.33

3.       Bec Gange                          61.67

4.       Tarah Mikacich                  55.00

5.       Emily Durnham                 46.67

Pro Wakeskate Qualifying Round Heat 1(Top 4 advance)

1.       Danny Hampson               80.00

2.       Brian Grubb                        65.67

3.       Nick Taylor                          58.33

4.       James Balzer                      51.67

Pro Wakeskate Qualifying Round Heat 2

1.       Reed Hansen                     70.00

2.       Grant Roberts                   60.00

3.       George Daniels                 48.33

4.       Austin Polterock               37.00

Junior Pro Ben Qualifying Round Heat 1(Top 2 advance)

1.       Gordo Harrison                 88.25

2.       Robby Holihan                   88.25

3.       Parker Siegele                   82.25

4.       Marc Kroon                        76.75

5.       Jimmy Frandsen               62.50

6.       Maxim Van Helvoort         46.50

7.       Damien Adam                   45.50

Junior Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 2 (Top 2 advance)

1.       Massi Piffaretti                 97.25

2.       Jason Soven                       87.00

3.       Kyle Evans                           80.25

4.       Justin Lee                            61.50

5.       Juan Mendez                     58.00

6.       Zachary Brown                  57.25

7.       Merrett Fay                        48.75

Junior Pro Men Qualifying Round Heat 3

1.       Noah Flegel                       100.00

2.       Brad Teunissen                 88.50

3.       Cory Teunissen                 74.50

4.       Jorge Gill                              70.50

5.       Jamie McCauley                    56.50

6.       Gus Shuler                          55.75

7.       Jeongwook Kim                     44.25

Junior Pro Men Qualifying Heat 4

1.       Tony Iacconi                       95.50

2.       Joey Buss                            74.75

3.       Yangsu Kim                         74.50

4.       Mac Schramm                   71.50

5.       Arnie Watkins                    62.25

6.       Ian Cole                              54.25

7.       James Loisel                       51.25

Masters Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advace)

1.       Daniel Duquesnoy              66.67

2.       Kevin Michael                    50.00

3.       Francisco Cabezas            30.00