Kaesen Suyderhoud’s and UNIT Parktech’s newest team play results in an artwork of a Wakeboard Rail. Kaesen’s creativity and UNIT’s Rail-Builder-Know-How leads in an absolutely mind blowing geometry. Sit down and list all possible lines, you will need a pencil sharpener and an additional paper. Look what Kaesen himself says:

Interview Kaesen:

Hannes: Hey Kaesen, you are the latest expansion of the UNIT Parktech team, how does it feel?

Kaesen: It feels absolutely amazing! Its an honor to be on a team with some of the biggest names in wakeboarding. Being apart of the Unit park-tech team is something I am really proud of. Not only has Unit already changed the wake park game with their features but   I get to help with further constructions and future designs with good friends. Im pumped!  

Hannes: Everybody knows that you spend more than 100 days a year on a Snowboard. How does it effect your Wakeboarding?

Kaesen: Ever since I started wakeboarding in the summers I have always been snowboarding in the winters. They always seemed very similar to me. I strongly believe that snowboarding makes me a better wakeboarder. Without my passion for snowboarding my wakeboarding wouldn’t be where it is today. It helps me to know how to do all my tricks without a rope so my body can memorize all the correct motions. It’s cool to see and feel the transition of tricks from the snow to the water and the water to snow. 

Hannes: Your Signature Rail looks awesome. Very creative. Do you have to be a creative rider to find all the lines?

Kaesen: The world is definitely your oyster on this feature! So many lines! Whats good about my signature rail is that it’s designed for both wakeboarding and wakeskating. You can hit it on any side going any direction which makes it perfect for system 2.0 or changing around at the full size park. I was heavily influenced by snowboarding and skating for my design and I really wanted all the fellow park rats out there to get inspired to be more creative with what’s in front of them and to not ever get bored on a feature. 

Hannes: The Velocity Island Park in Woodland, California will open in 2014 with your feature as the first park worldwide to have it. Is there good possibility of seeing you out there hitting it and getting a chance to chat with you?

Kaesen: Yes! VIP is opening soon for the 2014 season and I couldn’t be more stoked to have my home park be the first to carry my signature rail. I will definitely be out there all the time riding, promoting, and even coaching so fill free to chat any time you see me and expect big things from VIP.