Monroe, Wash. – The top professional wakeboarders in the world hit the waters of Lake Tye in the greater Seattle area of Monroe, Wash. today to kick off the fourth stop of the five-city MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. The two-day-long contest, which concludes tomorrow, Saturday, July 9, opened with preliminary rounds for the Jr. Pro Men, Pro Women and Pro Men’s divisions.

Nearly 60 of the sport’s top riders spent the day competing for a spot in tomorrow’s competition, where a cash purse and crucial points toward the season standings awaits them. Among the 36 riders who advanced past today’s prelims was 24-year-old Kirkland, Wash. native Nick Jones.

“It’s so awesome to have the Pro Tour here in my home state,” said Jones. “I’ve never been so excited to compete before.”

Jones’ excitement showed today in front of a hometown crowd, as the local pro rider landed several big tricks, including a massive Big Worm and a Switch Crow 540 to finish second in his six-man qualifying heat. The only rider to best Jones in his heat today was Australian wakeboarding phenom and former Pro Tour titlist Harley Clifford.

“The sun was out, the wake was perfect and overall I had a great run today,” said Jones. “Everyone in my heat killed it today, especially Harley [Clifford], and that motivates me to be a better rider.”

Jones, who has competed in the Pro Men’s division since 2007, is having his best season yet and will look to claim his first-ever Pro Tour stop win tomorrow in his home state.

“I’ve stepped up my riding and have been having a lot fun this season,” said Jones. “If I’m consistent and land everything I’ve been practicing then I feel like I have a chance of winning in Monroe tomorrow.”

Jones will begin his campaign to win in Monroe tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. during the Pro Men quarterfinals. Throughout the day, the Pro Men’s division will eliminate riders until a winner is determined during the six-man final.

In addition to the Pro Men, the Pro Women and Jr. Pro Men’s division also squared off today, eliminating half the field of competition. Anna Hajek and Raimi Merritt both won their respective heats in the Pro Women’s division, with four additional riders advancing on to tomorrow’s six-woman final.

In Jr. Pro Men’s division, Japan’s Shota Tezuka paced the class with a perfect score of 100 points. Tezuka and nine other riders will face off tomorrow in the division’s semifinal round.

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour will wrap up in Monroe tomorrow, July 9, with the ticketed event beginning at 10:30 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets are available at the gate: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

For more information on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, please visit

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: MasterCraft, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Indmar, Peavey, Billabong, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Byerly, Oakley, Sayiwon’t, Epiphone and YOUR MOM.

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MasterCraft is the exclusive towboat for the Pro Wakeboard Tour, as it has been since the tour’s wakeboarding events began in 1992.

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July 8 Results:

Pro Women
Semifinal Round – Heat #1
1  Anna Hajek                    USA        60.92
2  Nicola Butler                 GBR        56.67
3  Shawna Hoffman           USA        51.67
4  Melissa Marquardt        USA        46.67
5  Hayley Smith                  AUS        40.00
6  Tarah Mikacich              USA        30.00

Pro Women
Semifinal Round – Heat #2
1  Raimi Merritt                USA        66.67
2  Amber Wing                  AUS        62.50
3  Emily Durham               USA        58.33
4  Corrie Dyer                     USA        50.00
5  Alexa Score                     USA        30.00

Jr. Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #1
1  Freddie Wayne              USA        97.25
2  Joey Buss                       USA        83.25
3  Kyle Evans                     USA        80.25
4  Gus Shuler                      USA        79.25

Jr. Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #2
1  Jacob Valdez                  USA        93.75
2  Dylan Prideaux              AUS        88.25
3  Pierce Homsey               USA        86.50
4  Yancey Crew                  USA        71.50

Jr. Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #3
1  Joshua Twelker            USA        98.00
2  Robby Holihan               USA        89.25
3  Gunnar Shuler                USA        82.75

Jr. Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #4
1  Daniel Powers               USA        95.75
2  Mike Dowdy                   USA        94.25
3  Keenan Allen                 USA        75.75
4  Parker Siegele                 AUS        74.25

Jr. Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #5
1  Shota Tezuka                 JPN         100.00
2  Gordon Harrison           USA        87.00
3  Kyler Green                     USA        80.00
4  Morgan Pedersen          USA        57.25

Pro Men
Qualifying Round– Heat #1
1  Steel Lafferty                 USA        79.25
2  Austin Hair                    USA        75.00
3  Jimmy LaRiche             USA        73.33
4  Jeff House                      USA        65.00
5  Adam Errington             USA        56.67
6  Dante Digangi                USA        43.33

Pro Men
Qualifying Round– Heat #2
1  Andrew Adkison           USA        71.67
2  JD Webb                         USA        67.50
3  Olivier Derome             CAN        64.00
4  Rusty Malinoski           CAN        61.83
5  Joey Bradley                   USA        58.33
6  Zane Schwenk                USA        45.00

Pro Men
Qualifying Round– Heat #3
1  Dean Smith                    AUS        83.33
2  Bob Soven                       USA        78.33
3  Shaun Murray               USA        70.00
4  AJ Racinelli                   USA        68.33
5  Danny Harf                     USA        55.00
6  Sam Thomson                AUS        46.67

Pro Men
Qualifying Round– Heat #4
1  Harley Clifford              AUS        86.67
2  Nick Jones                     USA        76.67
3  Chad Sharpe                  CAN        65.67
4  Tony Carroll                  USA        65.00
5  Kirby Liesmann              USA        56.67
6  Robby Dahlquist           USA        46.67

Pro Men
Qualifying Round– Heat #5
1  Phillip Soven                  USA        83.33
2  Aaron Rathy                   CAN        78.33
3  Jason Bannatyne           CAN        73.33
4  Kyle Rattray                   CAN        63.33
5  Danny Burnstein           USA        46.67