Pass the Handle

Remember the first time you got up and rode across the water? Yeah, so do we. Call it thrilling, call it magical, call it fun-as-hell, call it “finally, I thought my arms we’re gonna rip off!” Either way it is an experience you will likely never forget. To put it simply getting up and on the water is almost indescribable – so much so that for many of us we can no longer get enough of it. We read about it, watch videos of it, and are constantly thinking about the next time we can get out to try another trick or have fun with family and friends. Therein lies the beauty of Pass the Handle, which is Discover Watersports Day, July 26. Pass the Handle is all about spreading that magic to new riders. Whether it is wakeboarding, wakeskating, or wakesurfing there isn’t a much better feeling than introducing somebody new to the sports and watching them experience it for the first time. So on July 26 take a friend, family member, co-worker, or complete stranger (hey, it could happen) out for a pull and pass them the handle. Let them get to know the awesomeness that is riding across the water. You’ll be glad you did.

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