Now Hiring - Welding Pavati

Pavati is hiring welders, welder’s helpers/apprentices, robotic welder programmer/operators, assemblers, painters, boat riggers, web designers/developers and photographers/videographers!!!

Pavati is growing like crazy and are in need of welders, welder’s helpers/apprentices, robotic welder programmer/operators, assemblers, painters and boat riggers. We’re also looking for Web Designers/Developers and Photographers/Videographers. We have full-time day positions, plus full-time and part time positions on our night shift. This is not turn-over. These are new positions. We’ve grown to over 100 employees and headed to 600 in the next couple of years! We don’t suffer from winter slow-down as our products are in high demand and sell year-round.

If you’ve already been in our facility, you know we have nice creature comforts. In fact, winter time is approaching and we’re getting our heaters tuned up as we speak. We know comfortable people work smarter.

We also know wage is the most important thing to our team members. Highway Products has always been on the leading edge and the reason we have many employees who’ve been here 5, 10, 15, and over 20 years. That pretty much says it all. People don’t stay long at companies that don’t care. No matter where you start in wage, you will get a review after 90 days which could mean a pay raise to bring you up to where you perform, and start your benefits.

You will also get an annual review to keep you informed of your performance and more than likely, a nice raise as well. If you are new to the welding trade and needing some training to bring you up to speed, we offer training to those who show us we will get a return on investment and a great team player.

For those just starting or changing jobs, we realize you need a fat paycheck ASAP to maintain or catch up on your rent, car payments, utilities, etc. We do our best to be flexible. So we’ll pay you weekly for the first month or two to help you out. Live out of the area? Relocation assistance package available.

What matters to us? We want great people to build our great products. What matters to you? A fat pay check, great benefits, time off, overtime, and get to work in an environment where you like coming to work. That’s where we really shine. You will absolutely love working here. Plus, we give more overtime than most companies. We work (4) 10 hour shifts (m-th), with the option to work up to 10 OT hours on Friday, plus some Saturday shifts if needed. That’s another place we shine. But don’t forget the benefits. Most companies these days don’t offer anything. Oregon Health Plan may or may not help. Obama Care…that’s not health insurance, that’s charity. What about retirement? Got a plan? We do! What about paid vacation? Life insurance? Paid holidays? The list goes on. That’s why our people stay.

What next? Email over your resume to and be sure to call (800-866-5269) to follow up.