Proline unveils new Infinity I-Foam Grip Technology with the Essential Handle

There has been a lot of discussion about memory foam in wakeboard handles today.  However, Proline has truly created the first fully functioning memory grip that holds its shape with applied pressure.  The new Essential Handle is constructed with our original Infinity I-Foam wrapped in our industry exclusive, no-seam synthetic rubber grip.  The Essential Handle offers a tacky old-school style rubber grip with all the benefits of pillow soft EVA.  Together these features bond and create a superior memory foam or I-Foam handle available only by Proline.

·         No Seam Synthetic Rubber Grip
·         Infinity Memory I-Foam
·         1.135" Diameter
·         Optional Pistol Grip
·         $59.99 Suggested Selling Price
For more information visit:
or call 425-775-5416