Minneapolis, Minn. – Fans lined the shores of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis today to catch the final rounds of action at the 2011 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. Throughout the day riders in five different divisions hit the water to compete for national titles and invitations to represent the United States at this year’s WWA Wakeboard World Championships next month.

The Pro Men’s division highlighted the event, with its five-man final consisting of wakeboarding heavyweights Rusty Malinoski, Bob Soven, Aaron Rathy, Harley Clifford and Phillip Soven.

All five pros threw down impressive runs, but defending champion Harley Clifford made the biggest impact on the water to take home his second straight win at the Nautique WWA Nationals. Former national champion Phillip Soven took second place, while younger brother Bob Soven rounded out the podium, respectively.

“I’m pretty stoked to win Nationals,” said Clifford. “Phil [Soven] and I have been neck and neck all season, so it feels good to come out with a win today.”

With today’s win, Clifford overtakes Soven for the lead in the King of Wake series.

In the Pro Women’s division, all eyes were on defending champion Nicola Butler to see if the 19-year-old standout could repeat in today’s finals. But Amber Wing’s hot streak continued to finish No. 1 in the contest.

Today’s victory marks Wing’s fourth straight win the Queen of Wake series and her third Nautique WWA Nationals win.

The mighty Mississippi River served as a level playing field today in the Pro Wakeskate division finals, as Grant Roberts upset three former national champions in route of his first-ever national title. The 21-year-old Discovery Bay, Calif. native posted a score of 83.33 during his winning run. Brian Grubb and Stuart Shinn rounded out the podium, respectively.

The Jr. Pro Men’s division hit the water today for their six-man final with Shota Tezuka taking first place with a score of 81.67, a six-point differential from the next closest competitor. Mike Dowdy and Kyle Evans rounded out the Jr. Pro Men division podium, respectively.

Also honored today was 13-year-old Taylor McCullough, who took home the PCM Amateur Best Trick Award. McCullough won the $250 cash prize for landing a massive Tantrum to Fakie during her winning run in the Girls division finals.

With the Nautique WWA Nationals all wrapped up, the top tier riders from each of the 23 divisions will be invited to represent the United States at the 2011 WWA Wakeboard World Championships next month.

The 2011 Nautique WWA Nationals will also air on the VERSUS television network at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

For more information on the Nautique WWA Nationals, visit www.kingofwake.com.

The Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Correct Craft, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Peavey, MonaVie, FOX, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Byerly, Oakley, Sayiwon’t and YOUR MOM magazine.

About Nautique
The Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the WWA Nationals. Celebrating 86 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft Inc. is the producer of the Nautique line of boats. The manufacturer of Nautique is known for delivering superior quality product, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service experiences.

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About King of Wake
The King of Wake is the world’s elite pro wakeboarding series, attracting the sport’s top athletes from across the globe. Over the course of a season, athletes compete for the ultimate wakeboarding crown in a series points race of eight events throughout the United States to see who rules the wake. The 2011 series consists of the Wake Games, the WWA National Championships, the WWA World Championships and all five stops on the Pro Wakeboard Tour. The King of Wake is organized by World Sports & Marketing — the leading wake-events producer since 1988.

Sunday, July 31 – Day Final Results:

Pro Men Division
Final Round – Heat #1
1    Harley Clifford              90.00
2    Phillip Soven                    80.00
3    Bob Soven                      75.00
4    Aaron Rathy                    70.00
5    Rusty Malinoski               20.00

Pro Women Division
Final Round – Heat #1
1    Amber Wing                  83.33
2    Hayley Smith                   75.00
3    Nicola Butler                   69.17
4    Raimi Merritt                   63.33
5    Anna Hajek                     46.67
6    Melissa Marquardt          21.67

Pro Wakeskate Division
Final Round – Heat #1
1    Grant Roberts               83.33
2    Brian Grubb                    76.67
3    Stuart Shinn                     61.67
4    Reed Hansen                   48.33

Jr. Pro Men Division
Final Round – Heat #1
1    Shota Tezuka                81.67
2    Mike Dowdy                  75.67
3    Kyle Evans             71.67
4    Jacob Valdez                  66.67
5    Gordon Harrison             51.67
6    Freddie Wayne               38.33

Boys Division
Final Round – Heat #1
1    Jason Soven                  66.67
2    Landon Kasey                 61.67
3    Zach Brown                    56.67
4    Mac Schramm                 52.33
5    Mitch Kappler                 46.67
6    Nicholas Brown               10.00

Pro Men Division
Semifinal Round – Heat #1
1    Rusty Malinoski           78.33
2    Jimmy LaRiche                75.83
3    Steel Lafferty                   73.33
4    Colin Ryan                      63.33

Pro Men Division
Semifinal Round – Heat #2
1    Aaron Rathy                  80.00
2    Olivier Derome                66.67
4    Shaun Murray                  55.00
3    Joey Bradley                   48.33

Pro Men Division
Semifinal Round – Heat #3
1    Bob Soven                     91.67
2    Dean Smith                      81.67
3    Kirby Liesmann               70.00
4    Kyle Rattray                    65.00

Pro Men Division
Semifinal Round – Heat #4
1    Harley Clifford              91.67
2    Andrew Adkison             80.00
3    Tony Carroll                    56.67
4    Danny Thollander            46.67

Pro Men Division
Semifinal Round – Heat #5
1    Phillip Soven                  80.00
2    J.D. Webb                      71.67
3    Austin Hair                      60.00
4    Andrew Shearer              21.67