North Fort Myers, FL. August 05, 2008 – The Revolution Cable Park opened for business on Thursday July 27, 2008. Nick DiMasi and Dayle Cartwright started on the project over five years ago, and finally the dream has come to fruition. Many years of frustrating slow permits and hard work lead to an ultimate success. The park has the highest possible running cable held up by 5 towers and currently utilizes 7 carriers. It is a recycled cable system from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Once here the entire system was sandblasted, ground down, and then repainted. Many parts which needed replacement were ordered new from Ski Rixen. The system also has the first ever custom control system designed by Cable Park Controls, LLC and moves in the standard counter clockwise direction (when viewed from the sky). It was opened with two obstacles; a 64’ long posted in rooftop shape rail approximately 3’ high at the peak, and a 64’ long floating A-frame type structure sponsored by T and C Wake ( The floating structure has a 20” wide riding surface. It is 24’ long up to 4.5’ high over the water, then 24’ of flat followed by a 16’ long down slop to a 2’ drop off. The park will ultimately include ten obstacles that will be added over the next year. Surrounding the lake are several acres of pristine old wetlands that provide a great wind block. A mulch path and 350’ long floating dock provide a walking area around the lake. 270 native trees and 4,200 native plants were also installed. This vegetation will grow rapidly to increase the wind block and further improve the natural look of the park.

For information, contact Nick DiMasi, Co-Founder, at 239-656-3000, or see the website at