Have you ever wanted a chance to wakeskate with a professional wakeskater? Well nows your chance to ride with one of the originators of the sport, Hyperlite team rider Brian Grubb. He will be out at the Carlsbad Lagoon Tuesday June 29th hanging out, and giving some instructions, and possibly a demo ride from the man himself. We will be starting at 11am and going until 3pm. This is a wakeskate only event. This is going to be real casual just a little thank you from us to you. There is no cost for your ride. Just your undying loyalty to Wakesports and California Watersports. For more info call wakesports at 858-277-5757

Here are some of his accomplishments over the years.

2009: Wake Games – 1st
2009: Toe Jam Tour #3 – 1st
2008: Wake Games – 1st
2008: Toe Jam Tour #3 – 1st
2008: WWA National Championships – 2nd
2008: WWA World Championships – 2nd
2007: Wake Games – 1st
2007: Toe Jam Tour – 1st
2007: Toe Jam Tour, Wake Jam – 1st
2006: WWA National Championships – 1st
2003: WWA World Championships – 1st
2003: WWA National Championships – 1st

Freeride Fridays are off and running!!!  You don’t need a boat! You don’t need a board! We got you covered! Where else can you just show up and pay $25 and get a wakeboard, wakeskate or waterski ride. We provide you with a 2010 Liquid Force, Hyperlite, or CWB setup for you to try. Then after shredding the awesome Carlsbad Lagoon we treat you to an amazing Greasy Greg BBQ dinner. Call up your friends and head on down and get behind the boat. This is a social event for all you wakeboarders and wakeskaters. It starts at 3pm each Friday afternoon and goes till 7pm.

Summer Youth Camp!!!
Wakeboarding, wakeskating, waterskiing, tubing, jetskiing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, boat driving, beach games. . . This is the best youth camp in the history of the world! We have five one week camps the first one starting next Monday. If you get a group of kids together you all save money. The camp is 9-2 Monday through Friday. The cost is $500 for the week. The camp sizes are small so we make sure each kid gets the maximum lagoon experience. Age range is 6-14. Call for more info or to get signed up 760-434-3089