The Jobe Concord is a new model in the 2016 Jobe Wakeboard range and the guys and girls from Jobe are stoked with this board! This board has an unique flex pattern and a sick design, which shows this board has its own style.

The Concord is a wakeboard which is meant for the parks and is built for riding rails. Its tip and tail have a lot of flex, really they have A LOT of flex! Making it an easy board to press, so you can bring style back to the game. But the tip and tail also have a concave, making it easy to lock into your press on pipes. What also gives this board his flex is the natural core. The natural core is a full wood core, which also gives the board its flexible and thin profile. This board has a smooth bottom with just two channels on the heel and toe side, to create a loos and playful feel to this. The smooth base goes hand in hand with our H.I.T. base to create a board that’s fast on all kinds of obstacles.

There you have it: a board that is designed for obstacle riding. It gives you the ultimate flex on the rails and is made for charging! Release your inner rail rat and rock the Concord.

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