During it’s two year break from “Wake The Line”, wakeboarding has seen a lot of progression, with talented young athletes coming up from all over the world, and UNIT Parktech continuing to produce industry first features. Wake the Line has always been a showcase for UNIT Parktech to display their superior and innovative features by designing a fresh course every year using the Stadionbad’s perfect three pools as building blocks.

This year will be a big step forward, since it will be the first ever completely symmetrical course in wakeboarding. Not only will this eliminate any advantages for goofy or regular riders, it will also double the possibility of lines on this kind of setup.

Section 1
Like previous years, the athletes will start under the 10m high diving platforms of the Stadionbad arena. Pulled by the SESITEC System 2.0 HD, and with little time to hesitate, the athletes will encounter the first section of the Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan course. This year they will be greeted with two identical custom features that allow for some creative rail to rail transfers, banana slides, and a choice of either taking the left or right feature starting off their pass. In addition the kickers have been there since day one and guarantee an explosive ending over an NISSAN Navara NP300 with a JEVER FUN bottle on to of the truck.
For the wakeskaters, the incline section of the Andy Kolb TWO signature feature will be in the perfect position for starting and finishing their pass off right. Hence the kickers will be removed for the wakeskate part of the event.

Section 2
From here the athletes have less than 50m to choose their line into the rail garden. With UNIT Parktech being the pioneers in pool design, they have been stepping up their game and went all in; the JEVER FUN pool alone measuring 26m long, 17m wide and a 1.6m drop at the end. With close outs on both sides of the pool, and 9 different rails to choose from, it is obvious we won’t be seeing the same line twice. We envisioned countless different lines in this section but adding the creativity of the riders into the mix we’re sure our minds will be blown.

Section 3
As another first for this years event, UNIT Parktech and SNIPES (an online shop for sneaker, streetwear and accessories) included two 16m ending pools that allow the riders to change their starting position for their second line. For the return both pools offer either a land gap or low-to-high ledge so wakeboarders and wakeskaters get that typical street feeling and a comfortable start to their run.

This year’s Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan setup offers perfect symmetry and a challenging, yet innovative course. With so many firsts within this set up, the event is bound to blow your mind and with the help of the SESITEC System 2.0 HD it will – without a doubt- raise the bar in cable wakeboarding once again.

For more info check out http://www.waketheline.com/