“On May 24/25th the O’Neill Wake The Line 2013 setup will push riders harder than ever before”

Every year a limitless playground of potential lines greets the best riders in the world upon entering the “O’Neill Wake The Line presented by Relentless Energy Drink” arena. This year their jaws will hit the floor. With the unrelenting rate of progression in rail riding and kicker, most wake parks struggle to keep up. No such issues with UNIT Parktech, the planet’s foremost manufacturers in obstacle innovation, as exemplified by the contest that started it all: “O’Neill Wake The Line”.

This year sees yet more wake park ingenuity – with a course offering endless potential for individuality and creativity, thanks yet again to UNIT Parktech.


As always, the starting blocks sit under the impressive 10m high diving platforms of the open air Stadionbad arena. With little or no time to think our wakeboarders and wakeskaters will be flung straight into the first of two raised pools, with the low-to-high ledge rail running right down the middle. An obvious skate influence with huge rail rides, transfers from either side or meaty ollies onto the ledge, all highlighting why UNIT Parktech has named these latest creations “The Street Series”.


From here both wakeskaters and wakeboarders have less than 50m of pool to choose a line from the most progressive creation at “O’Neill Wake The Line” to date, which will also be a word premiere – the Spillway pool. A skate-winch-style-ramp full of water, stairset and over 35m of the UNIT Parktech “Strees Series” narrow rails and ledges, framing the pool with a small, tech ledge down the middle. Having come away from this, hopefully unscathed, the “Relentless Energy Drink” quarter pipe will be looming over head, made even more imposing by it’s increased size from 2012 and addition of the “Relentless Energy Drink” can as an extra play thing or punisher at the end of the first run.


With one fall in hand for every one of the 10 invited riders and 10 wildcard qualifiers, they’ll have to suck it up and get straight back into the Spillway pool, launching huge transfers, ridiculously long rail rides, ledge ollie’s or a combination of all of it. Rounding things off, as the crowds onsite and the ones watching the livesteam online come to expect, it’s time for the riders to launch skyward off the UNIT Parktech Medium and XL kickers. For the first time, there will be kickers on both sides, so “regular” and “goofy” riders can now choose their favorite side. With the wakeboard world going double-flip-crazy, expect to see a big finale every time a rider rounds off their run.


This year’s “O’Neill Wake The Line” set-up truly offers everything and anything a wakeboarder or wakeskater needs, to carve their names in history. Whether it’s locked in presses, super tech ollie’s on and taps off or good old fashioned air time.

So, it’s just over a month before the most insane wake park set-up ever created will shine in “O’Neill Wake The Line presented by Relentless Energy” glory!