November 17th, 2015 (Oceanside, CA): Southern California Premium Luxury Headwear Brand, Melin has entered into an agreement with Shane Bonifay, the iconic Professional Wakeboarder.

Bonifay, age 30, has been pro since he was 13 years old. Known for his style and fun approach to not only his riding but his lifestyle. Simply put, Shane embodies Wakeboarding and Watersports. From his early pro wins as a young teen, top 10 reader poll results many times over, to his formation of the Pointless Posse and their influential, game changing videos, as well as his top ambassador roster positions with brands like, Liquid Force, Spy, Monster & Jetpilot. Shane’s reputation transcends through all boardsport culture. Style never goes out of style and Bonifay is known and respected for holding true to that fact for nearly 2 full decades.

Shane’s roll with Melin will be to represent the brand and act as a lead Ambassador for the company on all things Wake & Watersports related. From on site event visibility to voting in who else is going to get on flow or supported by Melin. He’s also going to be giving design input and working on a signature model hat, which is in initial concept stage now and is set to be out next year.

Melin is a brand focused on elevating the headwear market by creating some of the most unique and innovative hats that have ever been created. Bridging the gap between luxury fashion, headwear and Southern California lifestyle, while blending boardsport culture with different styles of hip-hop, punk & trap style music. The product itself utilizes materials such as Italian Cashmere by Loro Piana, Nappa Leather from Spain, Polished Stingray Leather, Japanese Neoprene, Denim, Egyptian Cotton, Titanium metal trims and even real 8-point diamonds from jewelers in L.A.. The brand holds their product in the highest regard by continually introducing new innovation, materials and construction techniques.

Melin and Bonifay connected through mutual long standing friendships in the industry. Namely, Brian Jellig, formerly from Jetpilot, who is now the EVP at Melin, has worked with Shane since he started as a pro.

Shane Bonifay said: “Ya, when Jellig sent me the first few hats just to check out, I was blown away. I’m so pumped to be working with melin. I have to wear hats all day when at the Wakepark or out in the boat and now I’m proud to say I have the most comfy and badass hats on my heads.”

When asked about this new endorsement, Jellig said: “As we build and grow this new brand concept called Melin, we know we need to connect with our audience in the most authentic and real way possible. Aligning with bosses is imperative and Shane is a boss. I’ve worked with him since 1998, so this one is a no brainer in my humble opinion.”

Be on the lookout for the latest moves and product creations from Melin and Shane Bonifay. More details about melin and Bonifay can be seen at and on their social media channels: @melinbrand Or on Shane Bonifay’s social channels: insta: @withshanebonifay and twitter: @shanebonifay

About Melin:
Founded by two longtime friends in 2013, Melin is a Southern California lifestyle headwear brand that is focused on raising the status quo through new materials, unique design and relentless innovation. Melin hats are intended for young minded, modern day individuals from diverse influential backgrounds who appreciate refined, quality product. Melin represents space where luxury meets the youth and cultures collide.

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