Shark Wake Park, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

UNIT Parktech is happy to spread the news, that yet another new cable park has made it onto the map in the United States.

In Mid June, Shark Wake Park in North Myrtle Beach became South Carolina’s first full-size cable wake park. Offering a waterside viewing deck and beer garden, the location is going to be a great year-around destination. Not only for passionate wakeboarders and wakeskaters, but also for anyone who wants to share the good vibes and awesome spectacle that our sport provides.

The park hosts a large variety of UNIT features; including the Transition Curb, a Short High Box, a Funbox, the Street Series Low to High Ledge Box, as well as a variety of different kicker sizes to encourage intermediate and advanced level riders to progress their skills.

Just the perfect setup for a brand new cable park, says Shark Wake Parks’s owner Greg Norman Jr.

“We need features that are built for all skill levels. Something the Pros ’n Joes could all hit and progress their riding. But aside from functionality, we need safety. UNIT Parktech was the only choice.” – Greg Norman Jr. ( Owner Shark Wake Park )

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